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11-04-10, 11:06 PM
We are now morning the loss of Firewire (IEEE 1394). Post any memories of dead or dying technology.

The full duplexing, continuous 390 Mbytes/s* (Firewire 3200) lost out to USB 3.0's really fast, host initiated 400 Mbyte/s*.

*Theoretical max, will never achieve these speeds.

11-05-10, 02:02 AM
floppy disks how I loved you you flimsy magnetic wonder. I put you in the socket and vroom vroom vroom. All dose games yum yum yum Commodore 64 you were so special.

11-07-10, 12:21 AM
Good bye, and good riddance PATA. Now we have SATA that has a universal connector for 2.5" and 3.5" hard drives. There is also SAS.

11-10-10, 09:45 PM
RIP wheel :( (I've got something better coming soon :p).

11-10-10, 10:57 PM
Good by 4x3 tvs.

11-11-10, 01:29 AM
Alas, the poor Iomega ZIP drive: you had a brief but loving play in the arena of portable data storage.

11-11-10, 01:36 AM
I miss the old fire alarms. The kind that were shaped like flying-saucers and when you opened up the guts looked like a city. Damn I had loads of fun at grandma's house with their old one.

11-11-10, 04:56 AM

11-16-10, 01:00 PM
Yeah, the firmware on my new iTouch won't accept my old firewire charger from my second gen iPod. I was charging my iPod Video (5th gen) on it up to just a month ago.

My kid's Nanos will still take it though.

11-16-10, 02:41 PM
FireWire puts out over double what USB does.

11-16-10, 03:19 PM
Yeah, but the best tech does not always make it to the top. Just ask poor old Betamax. It's politics, man, politics. Backroom dealings and such. Everyone makes out except the base-level consumer, who always ends up with whatever is offered. :(

Yet we continue to support a capitalist system. *shrugs shoulders*

12-03-10, 04:47 PM
I miss every single old computer there ever was. They were all beautiful to me. I loved my Atari 800, 400 and 1200xl and especially loved my Adam computer by Colecovision. My friend I think had a Tandy. I used to lust after the Apple 2 when I would see it advertised in mags. AHHH those days of magic as a boy just looking at those magical beasts and hear them working in my room. I miss u all u glorious imagination machines.