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11-07-10, 05:44 AM
someone mentioned sensory processing disorder and i have looked up sensory Integration dysfunction and noted a few things my DD does

a) have attention and regulator problems

b) One parent said that her child was oblivious and unresponsive to a loud noise in the same room but immediately responded when he heard a piece of candy being unwrapped two rooms away. - my daughter won't necessarily hear me when i call her but you mention chocolate and she comes running.

c)Behaviors which can be associated with tactile defensiveness are aggressiveness, avoidance, withdrawal, and intolerance of daily routines. Combing or shampooing hair, cutting fingernails, or brushing teeth can be exhausting and difficult for families of children who react defensively with acting out behaviors or tantrums.- she hates having a shower and washing her hair

d)The child appears clumsy, trips easily

e)mouths objects excessively- keeps either chewing her hair, her sleeves, her coat, her necklace or putting things in her mouth

f)frequently hurts other children or pets while playing - my DD constantly seeks out the cat to touch, cuddle and annoy him and will even hit or kick him

also from the age of 2 she started touching herself (yes that's normal) but she would do it all the time (she is 8 in 3 weeks) and she will sometimes sit and watch TV rubbing herself or in her room and this can be very frequent and be going in since aged 2

what do you think

11-07-10, 06:35 AM
I reconise some of them, ASD Autism spectrum disorders, High end, aspergers that is, and some other comorbids. Noise sensitivity is typical in these.

Specialists i think are the way to go, don't try handle it yourself. If you can get to a support group, they open doors, specialists hopfuly can point in right direction there also. Books from libry aswell. Not sure if this answers anything you don't know.