View Full Version : Meds hindering growth?

11-10-10, 12:46 PM
Hi, I am very short for my age. Very. People look at me and think I am ten years old, I was wondering if it is because of the meds I take. I am on Vyvanse, Intuitive, Mirtazapine, Lexapro, and Meletonin.

11-10-10, 09:07 PM
too many drugs to root out the problem.

11-10-10, 09:23 PM
on the aesthetic side to your situation, small girls are hot and also should never worry about their height. both tall and short girls have different positive aspects, I think a talll girl looks good to other girls. But a short girl looks attractive to guys.

I think height is more important for a guy. I studied into the research data on attractability traits and I too am a fan of short girls. And I also like tall girls too, but the cat walk height (above 5'10) is quite horrible, exaggerattion. Our culture can be quite quirky in some areas can't it....?

11-11-10, 02:05 PM
I have more of a practicality problem with my hight than a aseistic problem. I can't reach suff! That is the only reason I hate being a shrimp.