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11-11-10, 12:01 AM
I just bought one and went on the web and found this site but didn't bother logging on as it would take way too long to type anything. Anyone else do stuff with theirs?

11-29-10, 09:41 PM
I haven't spent time on this but it looks pretty awesome like making your own cartoons and stuff.

01-15-11, 08:47 PM
Well, back in the day when I had a game boy advance SP, I downloaded the HAM SDK (* Software Development Kit *) - and tried making a simple black and white version of PONG. It was fascinating to say the least - but required a special sd card inside a GBA cartridge to load the game.

Also, the device runs off C++ and assembly - two very complex languages when it comes to working with the graphics on the hardware level. Maybe if and when nintendo decides to open up their platform, and, release a BASIC SDK I'll jump in on the fun.

For now though - it's android platform or the pandora platform for gaming. I am looking into XNA studio for ZUNE development.

01-15-11, 09:05 PM
I used to b into programming but got bored from the tedium. I hope that the pendulum will swing and my passion 4 trying to program will return:rolleyes:

01-16-11, 08:24 AM
Exactly, I know what you mean.

P.S: why does it say your account has been temporarily suspended?