View Full Version : Why can't she understand?

11-12-10, 12:49 PM
My mom does not understand me at all. When I do something wrong, she either gives me a 30 minute lecture, takes away something, or both. Both of them don't work at all! I space out after about a minute during the lecture, and since it is usually a long time being banned from something, I forget what I was being banned for!

She asked me if I did my test. I said no and began panicing inside. She began to get angry, and I felt a storm coming. She asked me if I did my study guide. Full blown panic inside. I said no. She said that I told her I did it, and said I lied. I honestly thought I did it then, I had just realized now that I had not. ARG! She is convinced that I lied to her when I did not! Of course, 30 minute lecture about acting my age and other stuff I forgot, then being banned from somthing. WHEN WILL SHE LEARN THIS IS NOT WORKING OUT?

Sorry... I just needed to rant.

11-15-10, 11:10 AM
Sounds like you might have to bring your mom to your psychologist, I had to. Turns out she had a major anxiety disorder. We get along great now! My mom used to do similar stuff, it was awesome to find out she had a problem just as big as me hahaha. :P

11-15-10, 04:24 PM
Here's a list of fact sheets on ADHD, full of info from research and medical studies. Maybe if your printed up a couple of them and gave it to her she might open her mind.

11-18-10, 06:42 PM
Sorry for the long wait, I was grounded from the internet for a long time. We have finially worked it out- I told her that it feels like my ADHD meds only worked for hyperactivity, turning me from absolutely unfuntional and hyper to a case of ADD, the distractability is still there. We are going to discuss it with our psycologyst. Thank you!

11-20-10, 04:21 PM
I know how you feel.... i was only recently formally diagnosed with adhd, but we've all known that i was different my entire life. and the annoying part is, SHE'S A PSYCOLOGYST!!!!!!!!!!!!! you would think she would know better than anyone else how to parent a teenager with adhd, but then all she does is yell at me when i do things that i cant help and tell me all about how insane everything i do is. my moms favorite thing to say to me is, "Aren't you embarassed???" well duh, im embarassed, thanks for making me feel worse. i already want to cry sometimes, its like she wants to make my life hell. i try to do things and she honestly thinks shes a good parent, but shes so mean to me and is always telling me how im "messed up" if i actually have that opinion, or i need help if i do that certain thing. i have ****ING ADHD WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (please excuse my language, but i just wanted to state what i often and im sure other adhd sufferers often want to scream at their mothers).