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11-17-10, 12:56 AM
We finally went to the long awaited appointment! What a way to start though...we were late because I lost the keys...go figure.

So he started to talk about my test results, and said I scored 'very high' on the rate scale and was about to get into the subject when my husband butted in and told him about my anxiety attacks and trip to the ER. My dr wasn't he shifted gears to talk about that. I never could get him back on the ADHD topic. Not to where he was going anyway.

He said he wanted to treat one thing at a time. Anxiety first. He wouldn't give me a label, though i tried to get one, but talked about treatment options. He was careful what he said.

So he brought up Prozac, and asked how it worked for me when I had PPD, (with my first child 2007) and decided to put me on it again since it seemed like a favourable option. He suggested it may also help with my attention, memory. He said that it may cause more anxiety before it starts working, so also gave me more Ativan.

So, it seems I do have ADHD. He just didn't want to fully address it at this time. Or maybe he's just trying to kill more birds with one stone by giving me antidepressants instead of stimulants? Is that normal? I don't know what to think, anyone else wanna take a stab at this?

XR,SR stoneyend
11-17-10, 01:56 AM
Maybe he wants to sort out some anxiety/depression comorbidities, before he starts dealing with teh actual ADHD.

Ooh he is generous with the Ativan. Why Ativan over Xanax?
My Psychiatrist was more interested in tweeking (no pun intentded) my stimulants. As he was convinced tackling the ADHD first would address my anxiety issues. Which it did. Im still confused why I need Remeron. But I think they just put me on everything so I dont Im so doped up I dont throw things everytime I get stressed. Im no pdoc. All my insights come from my non psychiatry trained logic. Ha did I say logic? I lack common sense. Maybe Ill just shut up and keep my opinions to myself as Im probably not helping and only post where I feel I have something worthy to contribute or ill be rambling all over all posts. I hope you anxiety lowering on Prozac xx

11-17-10, 11:54 AM
He probably doesnt wan't to treat too many conditions at once. Large medicine changes will have your body overworking itself. Maybe his idea is this, once you relax and have less panic/anxiety attacks that the issues with ADD will be easier to tackle.

Ativan has a lower abuse potential than xanax. That's probably why that was prescribed.

11-18-10, 12:34 AM
Anxiety can affect attention and memory. It's good to start with one medication. Then you know what is giving results or side effects.

Stimulants can increase anxiety too, so getting it under control first is a good thing.

I know it's frustrating. When I first got my diagnosis, I wanted to start treating it immediately. But in the real scheme of things, waiting a couple of weeks or months longer to try treating something that you have had all your life is OK - albeit irritating.

Keep reading and learning, try to be patient and things will get better in the long term.

11-18-10, 02:36 AM
Thanks again :)

Yes, I think I remember him saying something about side effects. So, I guess its official then, I should formally introduce myself in the newbie section. Im feeling really really low tonight, but I know its completely from an external source- my husband. But that's another thread.....

11-18-10, 08:50 AM
Anxiety can produce symptoms that mimic ADHD. DSM-IV, in fact, says that ADHD should not be diagnosed if the symptoms occur exclusively during the course of one of a number of other disorders, one of which is an anxiety disorder.

So, it sounds to me like your doctor is following the DSM-IV "playbook" which sort of says that he should address the anxiety issues first and then see if the ADHD traits are still present. Also, some ADHD medications can be helpful with anxiety issues too.

11-18-10, 12:25 PM
AbsentMindProf...........i do believe you have hit the nail on the head!!! Now the entire appointment and how it unfolded makes total and complete sense!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!! :)))