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11-21-10, 02:31 AM
I'm not sure of the exact order things showed up. I've always had moderate to severe depression, SAD, and OCD most of my life (since at least 10 yr/old...35 now). However, nothing was ever diagnosed, I would occasionally talk to a counselor when a teacher thought I was "acting weird".

Fast forward through college (7 years of sweet, sweet self-medicating), working in a cubicle. I finally talked to a doctor about the depression. He put me on prozac then paxil I think. He could've put me on skittles and been more effective. Then he switched me to Effexor XR, and life was grand for awhile. But then one day, it didn't work anymore. The same dose for about two years, and now I was getting serious brain shivers for days. I went to a P-Doc. He tried switching me from Effexor to another SNRI (Cymbalta?). Wrong move, went back to Effexor and upped the dose (added in Wellbutrin to help with a certain annoying side affect of Effexor). I was feeling better, but still not good. I asked my doc about Adderall as a treatment resistant depression medication. He said yeah, he's done that, and put me on 10 mg Add IR twice daily. We figured out that 10 wasn't right, 30 was a bit much, and 20 worked nicely for a dosage, but they only lasted me about 1.5-2 hours. We went through Adderall XR, Adderall IR, Vyvanse, back to Adderall XR, then finally back to Adderall IR.

So currently I'm on 300 mg Effexor XR daily, with Adderall IR 20mg x 3 daily doses. I also have Xanax at 1-2 mg as needed, and 150 mg wellbutrin if wanted and 5 mg trazadone for sleep. The "official diagnosis" is GAD with moderate to occasionally severe depression, ADD for flavor, and a side of OCD just to keep things interesting.

Here's my issue. I like having the Xanax, don't abuse it, don't use it every night, but most nights. I don't mind the Effexor XR, it's effective, but I'm still scared of it, knowing I'll want to get off of it someday, and knowing what's coming. The Adderall is where my trouble comes in. I really like it, a lot. I had a problem with taking too much for awhile, but then got that under control and got the right dosage. Now the depression has somewhat subsided, or a lot of it has. My old pattern was to get upset about a situation, obsess about it until I shut down, then spiral down into a depressed ball of pooh on the couch. With the Adderall, especially on a day I may have taken an extra 10 mg here or there, I get upset at a situation, then explode at the source of my frustration.

Three paragraphs to ask a question...obsess much Cold? Have other people had a similar path and diagnosis, and have any advice? Switch stims? I've tried everything except Ritalin, Strattera, and Dexedrine. I talked to my Doc about Dex. He basically said I'd probably have to take it 5 to 6 times daily, but said he'd be willing to discuss it. Does it help with the aggression and anxiety associated with Adderall? Some say it's the same medications, but Adderall has a longer onset and longer lasting effect. While others say the "L" amp causes a majority of the sides. Thoughts? Overall options? Criticisms? Complaints about me writing a novel? (sorry).


11-22-10, 05:54 PM
what's up man. Simplify. If your adhd and work in a cube your focus will suck and your ability to concentrate will be horrible as well. The two just don't mix. I'm in the same situation. It's rough. I use wellbutrin and concerta, it works well for the symptoms but with wellbutrin on board it has a predisposition to make your mind rewind the issues that you hate, since it' works well I'm sticking with it but have to add in a third med. Hey , depression is depression and being in the cube just won't give me mental relief without help. Your fighting your natural self and when you do that depression isn't far away. In short, boredom, frustration, and then anger , will lead to feelings of low self worth and self analysis. This is no good, can't function in life thinking about the self because nothing else gets accomplished. I'm thinking of going on cymbalta. Just like you ssri's dont mix well with adhd. I felt better but silly and all over the place. So what was the problem with cymbalta? Is effexor better for one reason or another. It's between the two for me.