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11-23-10, 01:40 AM
has any one tried doing meditation. where they able to concentrate? Is it really helping them. pls share ur experiences. thank you !

11-23-10, 02:15 AM
I tried some relaxation/visualization exercises, a form of meditation, with my doctor's guidance. However, I was unable to focus well enough to benefit much from it.

My doctor then suggested I try yoga, because that will allow me to move around more and may help me to focus. I haven't tried it yet, but hope to join a course that begins in January. Ask me again in February or so...

Atypical Sand
11-23-10, 04:02 PM
In the past I practiced meditation daily, but that was at a point in my life where I had almost no responsibilities and oodles of free time. It helped immensely, but required lots of patience and practice to reach the point where I could notice a difference.

I highly recommend it, but will say that I've since stopped and it takes a lot to get going again, especially with attention problems. Expect to be sitting down for a few minutes with your mind bouncing all over the place for the first month or so, but keep at it and eventually you'll get a few seconds of intense focus, and over the course of time it will build up to minutes.

Even meditating 30 minutes a day for several months, I usually only got about 3-5 minutes of "focus" out of it, but the practice helped in my day to day life and I was a much happier more motivated person.

11-24-10, 10:05 AM
I'm actually in Singapore right now volunteering at a Buddhist temple and I have to agree with the above poster.

It is excruciatingly difficult the first week or two, but now I usually do about 45 minutes daily, and almost as soon as I sit down, a calm just comes over me, and it helps with my ADD tremendously, as much as my adderall I would say (even more so in the concentration department, less so in the energy department)

11-24-10, 02:21 PM
I have had an "on again off again" meditation practice. Currently off but I am ready to crank it up again. Over the years I have found that there are a number of different ways to meditate. It took me some time to find an approach that worked for me. I don't think one size fits all.

Wikipedia has a pretty good piece on meditation ( with lots of citations if you want to get really into the research.

My practice, when I am practicing, is at least thirty minutes of mindful breath meditation ( I learned to do this with a beginner class some years ago at the Seattle Insight Meditation Society ( As the previous folks have said, it's hard to get started. Doing it with other people and having a chance to talk about what I am experiencing really helps me to keep it going.

The benefits of a regular meditation practice have always been significant for me. I just find it so weird when I realize I have stopped....but then, that's the way I swing if you know what I mean [ADHD-Inattentive]. That's the beauty of the whole thing though, my previous experience with meditation has taught me to not be judgmental about where my mind leads me, I simply need to note it and return to the meditation.

Thanks for the post and good luck on your search.

11-24-10, 02:27 PM
I used to really benefit from meditation as a kid. My martial arts sensei used to have us meditate before practice/instruction, and I would get so deep into it sometimes that he would have to gently shake me out of it (I had fully tuned out the outside world).

Nowadays I don't seem to be able to get into it. I am really uncomfortable at my current weight, so sitting in one position for any length of time is uncomfortable. I also have a lot of anxiety and my brain runs at full speed, making it difficult to calm it down anymore.

I'm starting Weight Watchers next month, so maybe after I shed half or more of this excess (about 80lbs) I'll be able to put the physical discomfort asside and give it another go.

11-25-10, 07:16 PM
sitting in one position for any length of time is uncomfortable.

If the sitting is uncomfortable, have you tried walking meditation at all? I find it can be helpful too. You walk forward slowly (eyes open, please! ;)), trying to concentrate on the sensation of your feet meeting the earth.

Your mind will wander, but the trick is not to get grumpy or judgemental when it happens. "Just" notice that your mind wandered and then bring your attention back to the sensation of your feet meeting the earth. You'll have to do this over and over, and yes, it's much easier to say than to do. :rolleyes: It might be helpful to set a small chime to go off every 30 seconds or so to remind you to be mindful.

Another thing I like about the walking meditation is that I seem to have an inverse mind/body activity level. In other words, if I'm sitting still, my mind is racing. If I'm seriously exercising, my brain is nearly at a stand-still. So it's easier for me to "mind my mind" if my body is in motion. :cool:

12-05-10, 02:40 PM
I have found meditation incredibly helpful. I have to do it in the bathtub though. Not sure why. And yes, sometimes I get too distracted, but if I really focus I can.... stay focused.

12-06-10, 07:22 AM
The more you meditate, the easier it gets.
It's not that the mind stops wandering, it's more that you stop judging the thoughts, learn to accept them and not be bothered by them.

Meditation teaches us that we constantly have thoughts but we don't have to react to them, or act on them.