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11-23-10, 04:31 PM
I've asked this question before a while back, and I got really nothing in terms of responses. I am on concerta and wellbutrin and recently have started trying ssri's to augment my symptoms and guess what it's presenting issues. If I don't take something else I fear that I spend too much time stuck in patterns of obsessional thoughts or just shift too slowly and get stuck in a rut of negative thinking. I have tried intuniv shortly before but remember it being so sedating after a few days. Is there any good feedback out there. I swear everytime I try an ssri I feel very stuffy and congested in my nasal passages and I'm not sure that I can hack it, it just makes me too slow mentally. I had a few descent moments with intuniv but I just felt so sleepy. Not sure what the verdict is and would appreciate feedback.

12-11-10, 06:04 PM
after studying the biochemical pathway involved with this medication and reading the clinical study reports I admit that I am intrigued. I have an appointment with my Pdoc on monday and will be requesting a low dose addition to my lisdexamp. script. I will post my progress in a couple of weeks.


12-14-10, 03:43 PM
keep me posted. I'll be interested in your results. I found it pretty sedating after some time used in combination with my stimulants. I had some okay times but there were mornings that were rough and my temper flew off the handle. I've tried ssri's and they help with the emotional aspect but I just have zero ambition on any dose of them.

12-21-10, 01:37 AM
I know a few people taking Intuniv, but they take it at night before bed as opposed to the morning. Because this is not a stimulant, it gets into your system similar to take an anti-depressant, try this and see if it helps you too.

12-21-10, 04:49 PM
I was trying ssri or snri in combo boy was that a mistake. So glad I stopped that mess. My adhd was getting so bad. Intuniv helped in combination with my adhd stimulants but I fear the sedation. I found when it didnt sedate " maybe thats transient" my focus was much improved as stimulants help me be attentive but this helps distraction. Would love to hear more positive stories.

01-22-11, 02:58 AM
I started Tenex today. .5 in AM and .5 in PM. I also take Adderall IR, 20/15/10.
I'm hoping the Tenex smooths everything out, perhaps I'll be able to drop the Adderall dosage. I'm also hoping it will help with task shifting, which is always a battle. Most of all, I hope it helps with the neck tension I get from the Adderall. That's the real "pain" with that med. If not, I'll try Clonidine... Then Buspar... Then who knows! Any luck with tension relief with Intuniv???

01-23-11, 07:04 PM
Let me know how it goes, ssri's have too many side effects. May try tenex

01-24-11, 12:41 PM
So far so good. .5 at night and I sleep awesome! I tried .5 during the day yesterday and I was soooo tired, so I'm only going to do .5 at night for a few more nights, then bump it to 1 at night, and add .5 during the day in a couple weeks... I think the neck tension might be a bit less... I'll keep you posted!!

01-24-11, 02:46 PM
I appreciate your feedback. Basically you have the exact same response that I had while trying tenex. I've tried both intuniv only 1mg and tenex .5mg at night. Yes I found that I slept good as well and it immediately calmed me down and it did help with distracting thoughts and centered my attention moreso as I played on my ipad at night. Currently, I'm on prozac with my stims and really I think I' pretty much hate it. It's only been like 5 days but I'm only on .05 mg and I'm pretty much not motivated to do much of anything. Funny how such a small dose is making me feel. Anyways I'm intrigued by intuniv and interested in tenex being that I feel ssri's are just too much to handle. One wouldn't think that a small dose like that during the day could cause such problems and it's helpful to see that I'm not the only one that had this happen which makes me feel better as my doctor said that most people wouldn't get sedated on that dose during the day.. I knew I wasn't seeing stuff. I wonder if you gradually get your dose up at night if that would be enough to carry to the next day since tenex has a long half life. YOu may never have to take it during the day?

01-29-11, 01:32 PM
Okay, here is the situation, re my meds:

I'm still taking Adderall 20/15/10
Tenex .5 at night
Sam-e 400 mg in AM
I take supplements, iron, b complex, fish oil, flaxseed oil, and just added Slo-Mag.

My neck pain is almost gone, and the Sam-E is INCREDIBLE! it pulled me right out of my winter blues. I feel happy, energized, ALIVE!!!

I'm going to bump the Tenex to 1 mg starting tonight. I'm going to drop the Sam-E dose to 200 mg in 5 days or so. Then I'm going to add another boost of Tenex .5 in the AM, and start attempting to drop the Adderall dose... I'm going to do it slow, all the changes and really pay attention to what's going on. The combo of the Tenex, Adderall and Sam-E is really really good right now... I'm sleeping great....

I'll keep you posted!

01-29-11, 11:49 PM
Wow. So your ability to focus with tenex is better? I felt kind of sluggish the next day on my first dose of tenex at night? I was thinking either this or Prozac! What was your main issue when you were considering adding tenex?

01-30-11, 10:51 AM
My main issue was the constant neck pain, not being able to sleep at night, and inability to switch tasks very well. This has been resolved significantly. And the fact that Tenex, being a BP med, might be cardioprotective, that's great.

You will feel sluggish in the AM starting out on the Tenex. The first 3 days were hell, I was soooo tired. You just gotta motor on through.

I tried Prozac years ago, before I was diagnosed ADD. it made me positively zombie-like. My husband made me stop taking it cause I just didn't emotionally respond to anything... I'd suggest, with your doc's approval to try Sam-E instead. That stuff is incredible and no bad side effects....

01-30-11, 05:14 PM
My issues are dwelling in the negative and I get stuck searching over and over obviously this prevents living in the now. That and shifting not sure if tenex helps that, I do think it does but I need to eliminate thOis

02-10-11, 02:35 AM
does the sluggishness go away with tenex...

Hollywood: the prozacs doing nothing for the symptoms you prescribed? seems like it should...I thought prozac was supposed to be the most "activating" ssri too

I'm on 5mg of lexapro, and it took me a while to taper up to that. I'm still sluggish and my lack of motivation is killing my work, its been about three months it should be fully built up...If I go up any higher I sleep all done with the SSRI's

again...these were my experiences with SSRI's, not that everyone will have the same!

02-10-11, 10:55 AM

I was only on prozac for a week. It's just been mission impossible to try these ssri's . I guess I can say that it does diminish the frequency of routine worry thoughts on a daily basis. I've made it routine to search for answers to why my adhd is or become so bad and why I constantly am stuck on what is causing this.... I take an ssri like celexa and after a few weeks those thoughts pretty much vanish and I focus on work and thats a good thing, but after lunch I'm so tired I barely have any fuel left in the barrel , this is on small doses. So , after a month or so my results are so so on meds like celexa -lexapro. On the good side I focus on my work and it really seems like my brain can branch out but my focus starts diminishing and eventhough I'm free to learn new things again it seems like I just start dragging and dragging. I will say that the results or side effect profile for lexapro and celexa are not that bad as cymbalta or other stuff upfront but after a month or two on lex and celexa I'm seriously done in. My desire and drive are stymied! So I guess it helps but I'm not sure about the long run. There were days where I would wake up after two months on celexa and I didn't worry . I just don't know because I didn't much care either. Not sure what route to take and it's been tough to give these meds the time to actually help me. It's either I shutup and deal with some of this and keep taking it or try tenex or intuniv and hope it helps me eliminate these stupid worries by increasing my ability to not be distracted by worry thus enhancing my focus which my hope would be strong enough to eliminate illogical thinking or bear with the side effects on a snri or ssri.