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11-26-10, 07:10 PM
Hi all!

I'm new here. Just diagnosed with ADD Wednesday. My doc prescribed Adderall. The starting dose is 5 mg Adderall and 5 mg Adderal XR, all to be taken in the morning. She says we will most likely have to keep my dosage small, due to the fact that I am already on Paxil for anxiety and therefore am at risk of Serotonin Sydrome.

Here's my question. Unfortunately, I am a pack-a-day smoker and I also drink a few cups of coffee a day. Now that I will be adding the Adderall, is there going to be some kind of stimulant overload for me? I'm a little worried that all these stimulants might start causing me all kinds of anxiety. I do not want this to happen, as currently my anxiety is very well controlled by my Paxil and the last thing I want is a re-occurence of anxious thoughts and behaviors!

Do any of you have any advice for me? Just a couple of things: I do plan to stop smoking in the future, but with starting the new meds and all, I don't want to make too many changes at once. Just one at a time is all I can really handle, I think. Also, if it will help to stop drinking the coffee, I can probably manage that. But if it will bring no benefit to stop, I really like my coffee and want to continue.

Thanks for any help you can provide and good luck to all of you on your own personal ADD quests! =]

11-26-10, 07:15 PM
Dunno about the cigs, but I have found in my brief (2 months) of Adderall usage that my sensitivity to coffee went way up. Mostly I have just cut it out, but when I want to get a nice stimulating beverage I drink green tea, it's less overloading.

Tom L
11-26-10, 07:19 PM
Hey I'm no expert with the meds thing. but ADD/ADHD and caffine for me shreds what little concentration I have.perhaps it's just me but on red bull I'm not hyper I'm orbital. If possible see how the combination goes for a few days. Perhaps cut back on the cigs a little and have less coffee or decaffinated.