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Two very interesting developments. I think there is a lot of as yet undiscovered potential applicability in both. We might finally be able to get rid of legacy systems with their roots going twenty or more years back.

I truly hope that Google has the basic design structures of their Chrome OS right so that eventually it can be used for everything users will want to do.

And the cloud could be the key to unlimited computer power at everyone's finger tips. Maybe in the future we will all be working with pc's that are both cloud clients and servers depending on our needs of the moment.

12-16-10, 06:50 PM
Yeah, I've been tripple-booting with a cloud based OS (jolicloud, the other two are Win7 and Ubuntu 10.10) for a few months now. Its far from being powerful right now, but it certainly does have interesting possibilities, imagine having the power of all the servers that run the internet in your little 3 pound netbook.

On the other hand, it does present a single point of failure, and a single point of attack. Look what happened to Gawker Media, their website was compromised and hundreds of thousands of users information was leaked, including my own. If every single persons information was in cloud resources, an attack would be monumentally disastrous.

12-30-10, 08:58 PM
Only thing I worry about is internet access. If your ISP is down - which happens, you have no access to any applications that are hosted. But the cost is better than having blade workstations with remote access - talking about a corporate environment. Personal environments are a lot more flexible.

Aside from being so lightweight, I don't see cloud OS's taking off for computers for a while, but mobile devices, tablets, and tvs will push the market for sure.

The best cloud service by far is Have you seen that? Video gaming from anywhere without a console! I wonder if latency is an issue or if it's better since everyone is hosted on the same servers.

01-15-11, 09:13 AM
Cloud is the future. However, is the future repeating the past?

I wasn't grown up during the 90's but, I heard that back in the day computers were simply terminals where you had to pay for CPU cycles or something of the sort?