View Full Version : New ADHD support groups in Australia:

Kunga Dorji
11-28-10, 09:39 PM
2 new support groups are forming for Adult ADHD in Melbourne.

The larger one is aiming to hold monthly meetings in Melbourne city ( currently planned for Saturdays) and also runs a bulletin board for discussion of ADHD related issues, and coordination of the group. It is anticipated that the group will aim to gather information about practitioners aware of and treating ADD and to run regular talks on ADHD.

Enquiries can be directed to:

The second group is being established in Melbourne's South Eastern suburbs and meetings are being held in Pakenham.

Enquiries can be directed to: (

A longer standing group also exists called the ADHD Coalition of Victoria.
This group is more directed towards practitioners involved in treating ADHD though does have some consumer members, and is worth support for anyone interested. It meets monthly at the Royal Children's Hospital.

Its website is: