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12-02-10, 01:17 PM
Okay, I was looking for a place to post this because I found it fun and EXTREMELY helpful before I was diagnosed, and even more so after the fact. I don't think I can post where I got them (might be against the rules?) but maybe a PM and I could let you know?

So, I found a website that makes stationary that is really funny. Now for a non-ADD person they would probably be considered a joke, but for me have been a very useful tool for organizing things.

If I try to sit down and write a list myself, I WILL forget something, negating the reason for a list in the first place. :0(

But this company, the lists are already made, and are VERY detailed. All you have to is check off the info that applies to you.


Shopping list: Has everything listed that you would need to buy to run your home - from food to paper products to cleaning supplies etc. Arranged by category, with a few write in lines for things that may not be on the list or if you want a specific brand

Dr's Appts. - I can't tell you how many times I've been to the doctor and wanted to ask certain things, but forgot. This organizes your thoughts with a simple form reminding you to list things such as time/date of appt., phone numers, names, symptoms, medications etc. I also found this very beneficial for my elderly father who had too many Dr's and appts to keep track of easily

Those are some of the more practical, but what about your personal relationships?

For me, it is hard to start a convo about things I think would cause a fight, or conflict. These, I think are meant to be a joke, but for me, it helps me put my thoughts into words and address some concerns in a non-confrotational and humorous manner, which also lightens the seriousness of things. My husband also can give them to me, and then I can see the caring and funny side of things, rather than getting defensive, and then we can usually have a good conversation.


The Apology Pad - you can check off or write in your offense, why you think it happened, etc. or vice/versa - if you feel you have been offended agains you can fill out accordingly. No, it doesn't substitute for a good, sincere apology, but it sure makes starting the conversation a lot easier!

The "Reasons I must ....." pad - I have a real problem with initiating affection etc. with my hubby because often, though the desire is there, I honestly don't think of it sometimes, leaving husband to feel unloved or unappreciated which I definately don't want. He can give this to me as a gentle and really funny reminder of why he may need a hug, kiss, cuddle etc. and I can use it as well. Keeps things light and fun where usually we take it so seriously and can cause hurt feelings without meaning to.

Anyway, sorry so long, but these were really helpful for me! The funny/different aspect appeals to me because these are definately NOT boring! - LOL