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12-04-10, 09:34 AM
I am 11-year old boy. I am writing here because my mum thought it was a very good idea to do this. She is typing this for me because I still find typing hard.

I was not very good at writing as I gripped my pencil my hand started hurting. My mum asked, Ďdoes something hurtí but I said no as my hand was a minor thing. My problem was I just could not get my ideas on the paper because I didnít know how to start off.
Now my writing has become much much easier. I can write things down more quickly. Sometimes faster than I can do it on the computer. What happened was that I did brain-gym and INPP-exercises. But one thing that really helped was going skiing. But I am not so sure how.:confused::confused:
In school I was very good at math. I came into the top math group in year 3, year 4 and year 5. But not in year 6 because thatís when the adhd started. I donít really like the number part but more the shapes. I was good at the numbers but it wasnít my favourite part.
I do not overeat. I am not really hungry. I feel full a lot of the time. But my mum stuffs the food down my throat. And my tummy hurts really badly afterwards. :mad::mad::mad:

I hope you have like this :):D:):D

12-04-10, 06:54 PM
Welcome to the FORUM.

Keep up the excellent work and never give up trying your best.

Ultimately,trying and giving your very best effort, is the most anyone can do.

Because we have to try harder to do things others take for granted, our daily

accomplishments often seem mundane.

However,we are resilient by nature and when comfortable in our tasks & surroundings,

often demonstrate an exceptional work ethic.

Happy Holidays to you and your family and good luck in the future.




12-05-10, 09:03 AM
Hi Robert,
thanks for the nice answer.