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12-06-10, 01:57 AM

Can't find my shoes
This place is a like
Livin in a Zoo

No that's not true
Except maybe
The bars

Chaos reigns
And I tell myself
I'll get to all of this
When it rains

But by then
I'm in pain
Or I'm lost
In some crazy train
Of thought and motion

One step leading to another
But not on any stairs
I've ever seen

More like hopscotch
Or jumping from rock to rock
In rapids

I feel like a bird flying nowhere
Until finally someone puts salt
On it's tail

Then it twists
Head over tail
In a swamp

Serious confusion
The revolution
Of Inertia
to a

Adhd at it's worst
written 2006

02-12-11, 03:50 AM
short attempt at a pallindrome:




the tangent prone

with all consuming curiousity

nonlinear in thought

05-25-11, 01:40 PM
The Return of My Brother's Shining Light

My good friend,
here from L.A.
listened as I told your story,

I told her, what you tried,
and how you lightly said,
it was nothing,
just an experiment,

Just a way to see,
what it would be like,
if you made that choice,

Despair has a way,
of dimming our soul lights,
and I know you were suffering,
we all saw that,

I told your story,
and grieved again,
I let the tears flow,

And, although I let,
the sadness out,
I am shaking with the possibility,
of what might have been,

I love you dear brother,
I will never stop being grateful,
that you are still with us,
I rejoice that your light is bright,
once again.