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12-06-10, 10:44 AM
Hi all, I have permission from Andi to post this:
I am interested in compiling some data with regard to how the birthing process, prematurity, birth complications, etc., might influence the likelihood of being diagnosed with ADHD or other neurological behavioral disorders, such as Asperger’s or autism.
If I get enough responses I will post the results in this thread. I will list the things that I am looking for, and you can copy and paste, then type your responses. Anyone interested in participating may participate, and any parents with kids diagnosed with ADHD may fill in data for their child or children. No personal data please…
Birth method:
If premature, please put birth week (37-40 weeks is considered full term):
Complications with delivery:
Developmental delays through 2 years of age:
· Verbal/speech:
· Creeping/crawling:
· Walking:
· Other:
At what Age:
Comments:(anything you care to add! :) )