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12-06-10, 04:46 PM
Hi, I'm 30 y/o and recently diagnosed with ADD inattentive type. LOOONG story short, I initially saw a brand new PCP for my concerns (I didn't want to continue going to my old one, for unrelated reasons) and he referred me to a psychologist for a diagnosis. In retrospect I don't think it was a great idea to make this my first visit to a new PCP - the fact that we had no relationship whatsoever increased his hesitancy to Rx a Schedule II drug, I think.

Anyway, psychologist met with me a few times, asked tons of questions, had me (and my husband) fill out some questionnaires - and concluded that there was no doubt that I have ADD. After a bunch of back and forth with the PCP requiring more and more documentation from the psychologist, I guess he was finally satisfied and Rx me 27 mg. Concerta with orders to see him in a month. He didn't meet with me or talk to me about it, which kind of surprised me - he just had his office staff call and say that I had a prescription waiting at the front desk. Is this normal??

The first day I took the Concerta I felt remarkably clearheaded and calm. It was as if my eyes had opened, and instead of being overwhelmed about everything and frantically jumping from task to task, I just saw what had to be done and did it. It was amazing. This was last Thursday.

The next day I had some effects, but not nearly as strong. And Saturday through today - nothing. Today I feel WORSE than usual - I feel like a flushed, headachy, zombie. This is so frustrating and discouraging, especially after I was so hopeful after my first day of taking Concerta (was it just a placebo effect???)

Should I just stick it out like this for a month, until my appt. with the PCP? I just really don't think he'll be open to upping the dosage or trying a new med yet, since he was so hesitant to rx in the first place.

Also, the psychologist I'm seeing (I'll be seeing him at least a few more times to learn some behavioral techniques) is in a practice that also has psychiatrists. Do you think I should try to see one of them (in lieu or the psychologist? or PCP?) since they could Rx meds and be more comfortable with it?

Any other suggestions? I'm just so frustrated to finally have the diagnosis, yet no relief.

Thanks for reading, this got way longer than I expected. Any input is appreciated.

12-06-10, 05:13 PM
It sounds to me that your PCP seems somewhat uncomfortable handling your medications, you don't seem to have a great relationship with him/her either as you dont know him/her very well yet.
In this situation, I would say try to see the psychiatrist for med management. In the meantime, put a call into your new PCP or the pharmacist and discuss with them how you are feeling since taking the med.

12-06-10, 05:43 PM
I feel your pain and I'm sorry. I just posted in a topic below that I had 4 wonderful days after being diagnosed on 10mg of Adderral IR twice a day but the effect wore off and on day 9 I didn't even feel it kick in.

I'm at least relieved someone else experienced the same rapidity of drop off, but I'm sorry to hear that yours lasted only a single day.

12-06-10, 07:38 PM
Same age, same medication, started recently too but I have not noticed anything since I have a very low dosis.

your comment about your third day side effects makes me worry. My son was on Concerta and the first week he was crying and it was AWFUL. He is six and I had the worst days of my life. BUT after those days everything is really good, he is calmed, relax, not impulsive etc...

My worry is that week of crying and mental pain, i am worry that I might might do something stupid. I won't! but i am just worry not been me and horrible thoughts.

12-08-10, 04:37 PM
but i am just worry not been me and horrible thoughts.

If your medication is causing you to have horrible thoughts, please contact your doctor NOW! Really. You need to tell them what is going on.

12-08-10, 07:41 PM
Sorry, I think I've given the wrong impression. Let me reassure you that I am completely fine and never had any horrible thoughts or anything like it. Let me try to explain what I mean. I am currently on Concerta, on a very low dose but I don't notice anything so my doctor will up the dose soon. At the same time, my son started Concerta on a very low dose but when it was increase, he spent a few days upset and crying unnecessarily. My concern is that when my doctor increase my medication the same thing happen to me at a mayor scale, as I am considerably older than my son. The bottom line is that I have never taken any medications and the fact of taking a medication for my head, scares the hell out of me.

I appreciate very much people caring about others, so thank you very much for your post and message. That's why I like this forum.

12-12-10, 05:44 AM
Hi My son is 7 years old and very recently diagnosed, he has been prescribed Concerta which he has been taking for 4 days nows. already we have noticed a difference, he is much calmer, less argumentative, less impulsive and whats makes a huge difference is that he is very chatty, before he moaned and grumbled and whinned, now he talks!

12-12-10, 05:50 AM
I forgot to tell you that it took a while to decide to put him on the meds due to other peoples negative views about meds and ADHD, everyone we spoke to made us feel that we would be terrible parents to allow any Dr to medicate our son, but what they dont understand is how our son has spent the last 3 years in school being told off, shouted at and labelled as being a trouble maker and generally a naughty boy. He is behind with his reading and writing. Having medication we hope wil bring him a whole new start to all social aspects of his life.