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12-10-10, 06:52 AM
So...I'm on adderall xr(generic) and I am getting horrible come down side effects from it. I was told on here, to hydrate myself and get enough sleep and stuff to minimize the effects when I am getting off it (head ache, stuttering, paranoia, irritability etc) so I was gonna try that until my appointment with my clinician. Though I already called her and she said that she thinks I did better in the ritalin family, and she thinks focalin would be a good try. Now my insurance usually pulls out the generics, how can I actually get the brand named ones? Do I request them at drop off? And how much do you think it would cost, I dunno if my insurance would give me brand name, but I'll try because I also think a reason the adderall xr might not be so good is because of it being generic and even my ritalin ir the first try was generic.(though my symptoms were not nearly as bad at all!)

12-28-10, 02:48 AM
So I know noone wrote back (alot less people in this area or people just don't know the answers to my questions) but I am on focalin now and I thought I should update you guys by telling you its a lot better with the side effects! It works for the most part but I do get times where it doesn't. Now I am on break from school until january so I can't give you guys a full description of the quality of help its been giving me until I start again.but so far its a-ok

12-28-10, 02:53 AM
Great to hear that you're doing well on Focalin.
Is it Brand Focalin or generic?
IR or Capsule (xr)?

12-29-10, 03:18 PM
yeah doing good. Focalin works well.