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12-11-10, 06:11 PM
Today has just been horrible! The doctor's PA recommended that I try Seroquel for sleep and anxiety, with the additional thought that it might help with some of my picking problems. So last night I split a 50mg XR, just as I was told, and one thing it definitely didn't help me do was sleep!

All day today I've been shaky and anxious, and my face, tongue, and fingers and toes feel like I've been shot full of novocaine. I know that it can take weeks to adjust to this stuff, but have any of you gotten past this initial unpleasantness and decided it was worth it?

12-11-10, 06:23 PM
I'm no doc, but I won't pretend to be keen on the use of antipsychotics for people who are not - psychotic.

Have you tried any benzo's other than Xanax for sleep or anxiety?

Something slow acting like Klonopin would be good for anxiety during the day, and something faster acting at bedtime such as Zolnoct or Rohypnol.

My 2 cents

12-11-10, 08:23 PM
my experience of seroquel is that it's pretty severe stuff, and I was only on 12.5 miligrams at the time.
It was given to me about a month ago when I presented to emergency after being bounced around like a pinball for hours from one psych service to another.
They mistook my hyperactive brain for a form of mania and gave me seroquel.

I couldn't deal with the input of my suroundings. I wanted to curl up in the foetal position and scream- and this was 12 hours after my 3rd and last dose wore off.

I hope you manage to find a better alternative, it sounds like the seroquel is doing quite a number on you.

12-12-10, 10:28 AM
I realized that some of the symptoms I'm experiencing are not from the Seroquel, but from discontinuing the Xanax. Duh. If you switch from an immediate action med to one that has to be titrated up, there's going to be a gap and you'll get withdrawals.

Yeah, I'm not too keen on the antipsychotics, either. The doc and the PA know I had a horrible experience with risperidone, but they're basing their suggestion for Seroquel on my specific set of symptoms and reactions to other medications. They're putting a lot of time and effort into helping me individually, and this doctor really knows what he's doing - best one I've had so far.

So I'm willing to give it a shot, because I know this doctor isn't about collecting his check and passing out pills. Switching meds is never fun, no matter what you're switching between.

abi2010, I've tried EVERYTHING for sleep. In fact, the PA was quite surprised at my reaction to benzos (even a quarter mg of xanax and I have to lie down) based on my symptoms and my resistance to every known sleep aid on the market. The idea behind this change is that it will lessen my daytime anxiety so I stop doing some of my obsessive behaviors, and give me a more natural sleep at night. Benzos put me out for several hours, but I wake up feeling like I didn't actually get all that much sleep.

It wasn't until after I wrote this that I remembered feeling these symptoms the last time I tried to get off Xanax. It's going to be near impossible to figure out what's coming from xanax withdrawal and what's coming from Seroquel for what, a week or so? So far, it hasn't done a darn bit of good for sleeping.

12-12-10, 03:18 PM
I have been on xanax for over 14yrs. & my psychiatrist is weaning me off it.But it will be over a year before I can get off them completely.Perhaps your doctor should wean you
off the xanax while you are on the Seroquel rather than just stopping the xanax all at once.I do know you can have seizures if you stop it suddenly.Best of luck to you!

12-12-10, 05:50 PM
I agree with Buddy that your PA should wean you off the xanax rather than stop it abruptly. Really, your PA should know better than to put you thru that.

I think the seroquel people must be giving kick-backs to any and all doc's who presribe it. Every other person at the clinic I attend including myself is on it.

I am not very impressed with it and I have been taking it for over 6 months. I take 100mg at bedtime for sleep. At first it did help me sleep, but now not so much. And I also dislike being on an anti-psychotic when I have no need of one.

There was also a thread on here a while back about Seroquel acting counter to adderall and other stims. I feel that this is true for me, anyhow. My adderall seems more effective when I stop taking the seroquel.

I wish my PA would prescribe me xanax or ativan for sleep - those work very well for me, but my PA doesn't want to give me both a stim and a benzo. So she gives me a stim and seroquel - makes no sense to me.

I know its bad to get a prescription from another doctor and I'm not advocating that anyone here do it, but I did get a prescription for ativan from a doc in a different office from my PA. It might have been wrong, but I'm now getting a decent night's sleep.

12-12-10, 06:14 PM
Heck, I should have known not to stop the xanax like that. Must have been a brain fart.

I'm giving the Seroquel three weeks. At that point, I see the doc for a followup. If it's not helping, I won't keep taking it.

12-18-10, 06:30 PM
I left a message for my doctor, hoping to find out whether the side effects I'm feeling will go away or whether I should discontinue the Seroquel, but I didn't get a call back, and I can't find anything online. The lower part of my face and part of my tongue, as well as the outside edges of my hands and tops of my feet are numb and burning. I'm still shaky and trembling. It's not from coming off xanax, as I notice these things diminishing in the 23rd hour after I've taken the Seroquel. I've definitely been sleeping, but that doesn't do much good if I'm this uncomfortable when I'm awake!

12-19-10, 02:11 AM
Seroquel kicked my butt..

I rarely am in bed before 2-3am and I'm up at 5-6am and ready to go for the day...I had been on zanaflex for my back (2 herniated discs, stenosis) and if I didn't take it at night, I'd sleep maybe 45min because I'd spasm so intensely I'd wake up from it. And since Zanaflex takes about 1hr to kick in and lasts was perfect for me because it would help me get to'd make me sleepy gradually, but also no spasms...

Enter Seroquel.... started off with 1 50mg after dinner for first week, 2 50mg after dinner 2nd wk... two Seroquel was enough to knock me flat out...I'm a big boy.... 6' 260 (years of powerlifting/sports) and I'd sit on the sofa at 9ish fingerpicking some blues on my guitar and BAM...I'd wake up at 2am leaning back in the sofa with my guitar across my lap and no idea how that happened... No more Seroquel..Pdoc didn't think it was such a good thing that instead of gradually feeling like I was sleepy and "naturally" went to basically acted like I'd chased a gallon of Benadryl with 2 bottles of nyquil...

12-19-10, 12:00 PM
That's actually a good analogy, especially after I went back through old forum posts and found this link: It's interesting - a blog by a psychiatrist who's skeptical about psychiatry. I think that some of his conclusions are biased by his cynicism, but at least his opinions are more intelligently informed than most people's. Rather than dismissing things out of hand, he gets all scientific. . .

Seroquel, essentially, works differently at different dosages because it binds to different receptors preferentially. It goes for the histamine receptors first, and doesn't start acting on dopamine receptors until there are no more histamine receptors to attach to. It doesn't begin to work as an antipsychotic until it's run out of histamine receptors and dopamine receptors!

That explained so much to me. I haven't been able to take antihistamines in years. I would try an OTC medication with diphenhydramine to sleep and find that I was more drowsy, but unable to sleep because of the agitation and heart palpitations that it created. Plus, one of the discontinuation symptoms I kept seeing in my online searches was full-body itchiness.

So I have this bottle with 28 pills in it. . .*sigh*

01-08-11, 05:36 PM
I have just been taken off of 400mg of seroquel daily. I liked it, it calmed me down and allowed me to sleep properly. They have now put me on rittolin and i'm not happy about it. Yes it helps me concentrate but i'm not day dreaming anymore while doing other things and I quite miss it.

01-14-11, 12:00 PM
seroquel has serious metabolic side effects and id never take it unless i needed to and i definitely would not take it in substitution for xanax, especially for anxiety...never ever

01-14-11, 12:13 PM
I have put myself back on seroquel, the ritalin alone was not the right balance for me and I feel so much better for it!! I had been taking the seroquel for a couple of years and luckily I have no side effects from it. I find the combination of the two balance the ADHD and the anxiety to more managable levels. I definately feel more productive.