View Full Version : This really T's me off!!!!!!!

12-11-10, 08:07 PM
I found this by accident! I was looking for an ADD pharmaceutical commercial I had seen to put in Esh's "favorite tv commercials" thread, but I stumbled upon this instead!

What makes me the maddest is the caption underneath the video which reads:

"Fidolin - the new drug for ADHDD and ADHD, approved for use on both dogs and children! This parody ad by the Health Ranger mimics the idiocy of television ads pushing mind-altering drugs for fictitious diseases like ADHD. It was filmed in Tucson, Arizona using a wig, fake glasses, a stuffed animal and too much free time...<!-- END ARTICLE BLOCK-->"


Not to mention that stupid video was made in my very own state!!!!! :mad:

I'm just going to shut up before a string of highly innappropriate tightly strung words burst from my fingertips!!!!! :mad:

Just a word to the wise: Never type the words "Attention Deficit Disorder Commercials" into youtube search! Most of the videos there are SO mean!!!! I won't be doing THAT again!

Your thoughts????? :confused:

12-11-10, 08:23 PM
Some people in general can be pretty damned stupid about things they don't and apparently don't want to understand. It's better to mock and ridicule things that clash with their worldview than accept the possibility that they don't know everything.

They're not worth your time. :(

12-12-10, 10:31 AM
The internet has finally given the ignorant a place where their voices can be heard. It's unfortunate, but everything good comes with strings attached.

03-02-11, 10:18 PM
the only sure way i could tell it was fake besides what they said was the fact you get a 20 gb cd and they didnt recite side effects as fast as possible. but parody's are made to be funny even if they fail to do so. example? look up paranoid schizophrenics on youtube i think its by the onion if you havent seen it already. another good example is this ad the public transit here has of a kid with a syringe in his arm and the caption "why is tom a insulin junkie?" im sure it offended at least one diabetic person. but whoever made that video is probably doing it for there video project for computers class in grade 7. and when you let a ad catch you attention in such a way then they have succeded in there task havent they? may be negative but that still wont stop most people from discussing it or complaining about how whatever it is to someone.haha but of course this ad isnt really the one i was talking about in the end there as it is obviously fake. i mean add may not be funny but i still found that one southpark episode funny. but to each there own right