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08-07-04, 06:58 PM
Patty Giffin, Ph.D.
Title: Psychologist
Address: 731 NW Franklin Ave.
Bend, Oregon,
Phone: (541)382-2677
Areas Served:
Professional Associations: APA, OPA
Research Interests: depression, dreams
Organization Type: Private Practice
Staff: Under 3
Types of Therapy/Theoretical Orientations: Adult Assessment, Eclectic, Existential, Family/Marital, Psychodynamic
Disorders Treated: ADHD/ADD, Adjustment disorders, Alcohol abuse/dependence, Anxiety disorders, including panic attacks, Bipolar/mania, Depression/dysthymia, Gay/lesbian Issues, Personality disorders, Psychological testing, Schizophrenia/delusional disorders, Sexual disorders, Substance abuse/dependence, Womens Issues, Career/transition counseling, Dream analysis, sports visualization
Fees: Insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, Set cash fee, Sliding-scale
Office Hours: M: 9am-7pm, T: 9-7, W: 9-7, Th: 9-7, F: as needed, Sa: as needed, Su: na
Additional Information: My philosophy of psychotherapy is to empower my clients to become their own therapists. I use an holistic approach by analyzing lifestyle behaviors and individual belief systems.

Barbara Adams, M.S.Ed., LPC
Title: Marital and Family therapist, Mental health counselor
Address: PMB 341
560 NE "F" Street, Suite A
Grants Pass, Oregon, 97526
Phone: 541-660-6232
Web Address:
Areas Served: worldwide
Professional Associations: American Association of Christian Counselors, Licensed by State of Oregon
Research Interests: Neuropsychology, child development, trauma
Organization Type
Private Practice
Staff: Under 3
Types of Therapy/Theoretical Orientations: Adult Assessment, Child Assessment, Behavioral, Cognitive behavioral, Eclectic, Family/Marital, Play
Disorders Treated: ADHD/ADD, Adjustment disorders, Anxiety disorders, including panic attacks, Depression/dysthymia, Eating disorders, Personality disorders, Sexual disorders, Parenting Issues, Trauma, Grief, Anger Management
Fees: Set cash fee
Office Hours: 24 hours/7 days/week
Additional Information: The Therapy Office offers online counseling and therapy services at You may choose from ongoing email dialogues, one-time services or live, private chat sessions. Our website offers encryption for your confidentiality and security.

08-08-04, 10:06 PM
We just moved to this area and don't know a soul! Would be interested in finding a doctor who understands Adult ADHD for dx. The local CHADD meeting is almost a month away and I'm not sure I can wait much longer. I'm in my 40s and feel I've procrastinated far too long.


08-08-04, 10:21 PM
Hope this helps...

2042 Jefferson Street
Eugene, OR 97403

08-08-04, 10:24 PM
Cat McGovern-Zlotek, MS
Oregon Health & Sciences Univ.
Child Development & Rehabilitation Ctr.
901 E. 18th
Eugene, Or 97403

08-09-04, 10:11 AM
Thanks Andrew!

12-30-04, 12:04 AM

Please tell me how this worked out, I live in Eugene as well, and the only practitioner specialist I have discovered is Karen Howell, M.A.

10-07-05, 04:39 PM
'options counseling' set me up with a great psychiatrist practioner and therapist.
and they go on a sliding scale.

Therapist: Willow Rose
psychiatrist practioner: Heidi Frank

11-14-05, 05:47 AM
I live in Springfield, Oregon - sister city to Eugene.
Want a long, in depth diagnosis that takes days but is very thorough and you're SURE you have it or not when he's done? See;
Dr. Matthew J. Fleischhman, PhD, PC
915 Oak st., Suite 300
Eugene, Or. 97401
(He can't prescribe meds though, so he'll try all sorts of odd things on 'ya if you let him. But after your diagnosis you can go to---->

Want a quick and easy diagnosis with no valid bearing? This woman will diagnose you after only a 10 minute (or less) conversation.
Jacqueline "jake" Amato, MD
175 W. B St. Bldg D
Springfield, OR. 97477

My advice- go to Fleischman for the diagnosis, then to Amato for the meds. if you have ADD.

11-14-05, 05:51 AM
BTW, Fleischman's tests can also diagnose you with a great deal more than just ADD. Very useful. And you get the diagnosis fully explained and get to take it home with you, all your mental flaws mapped out, labeled, explained, and proven on paper. :D FUN!

moss man
12-05-08, 08:18 PM
Dr. Craig Thorsen is a specialist Phd in this field. I have seen him, but my depression got in the way of my progress.

02-01-09, 07:12 AM
I have gone back to the begining of this section and copied all post with doctor recommendations for the state of Oregon -

Please note the members location in the user panel - or the title line

If you know of a place for ADD treatment especially those who will treat adults with ADD please do share here in this thread -

If you have a horrible experience with some one well that can be shared here too just please keep entries factual

Be sure to mention what part of Oregon you are referring to as this thread is for the entire state.

If you are here looking for a health care professional and none is listed - I have a collection of directories that may prove useful Where Can I Find a Health Care Professional? (

02-28-12, 04:31 AM
Dr Jennifer Scott is freaking AMAZING! And she specializes in ADD/ADHD in adults, she s told me repeatedly how much she enjoys treating ADD because of how quickly most patients see results when they start meds. Sorry, I can't remember her address (imagine that! ) but her Psychiatry practice is easy to find in the tanasbourne area, Just google her
I have insurance but they don't cover her, I still see her and pay out of pocket rather than go to the clinic my insurance covers (hard to get into, always booked months out for apptments, stingy w/ meds y'all know the drill)

Dr Jennifer Scott