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08-07-04, 07:27 PM
Kevin Kracke, Ph.D., LPC-P
Title: Psychologist
Address: 605 9th Street
Lewiston, Idaho, 83501
Phone: 208-743-4680
Areas Served: Children, Adolescents, Individuals, Marital, Schools, Courts, and Organizations
Professional Associations: American Psychological Association
Research Interests: Dissociative Disorders and Child Behavior Disorders
Organization Type: Private Practice
Types of Therapy/Theoretical Orientations: Adult Assessment, Child Assessment, Forensic Assessment, Behavioral, Cognitive behavioral, Cognitive, Psychodynamic, Neuro Assessment, Family/Marital, Play, Biofeedback, Stress Reduction, Hypnosis
Disorders Treated: ADHD/ADD, Anxiety disorders, including panic attacks, Bipolar/mania, Depression/dysthymia, Eating disorders, Forensic/court evaluations, Mens Issues, Personality disorders, Psychological testing, Schizophrenia/delusional disorders, Sexual disorders, Womens Issues, Child Custody Evaluations, Dissociative Disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder ( Dissociative Identity Disorder)
Fees: Insurance, Set cash fee
Office Hours: M-F 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Additional Information: As a group practice we have over 50 years of combined clinical experience and we have published over 20 professional publications in areas of our expertise

Mark L. Kircher L.P.C.-P. N.C.C.
Title: Social worker, Marital and Family therapist, Mental health counselor
Address: 3350 Americana Terrace #300
Boise, Idaho, 83706
Phone: 208-343-1113
Areas Served:
Professional Associations: ACA,ICA,NCC,IAMFC,
Research Interests: Family and Marital
Organization Type: Private Practice
Staff: Under 3
Types of Therapy/Theoretical Orientations: Adult Assessment, Child Assessment, Cognitive-behavioral, Family/Marital, Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Solution focused
Disorders Treated: ADHD/ADD, Adjustment disorders, Anxiety disorders, including panic attacks, Depression/dysthymia, Marital/Family, Trauma, Alcohol abuse/dependency, Substance abuse/dependency, Personality disorders, Men's Issues
Fees: Insurance, Set cash fee
Office Hours: M: 9am-6pm, T: 9am-6pm, W: 9am-6pm, Th: 9am-6pm
Additional Information: 21 yrs. experience. Various

01-28-06, 05:07 PM
Hi All! My doctor, Dr. Debra Gorin, has moved to Idaho Falls, and I just wanted to let you folks in Idaho know how fortunate you are to have her nearby. She evaluated me, diagnosed my ADD/ADHD, prescribed medication, and adjusted it until it was just right for me. This has changed my life. My son was also diagnosed and treated by her.
I was so sad to see her relocate, but I wanted all of you looking for a doctor in Idaho to know about her. I know how hard it is to find the right doctor, and she is amazing.
Dr. Gorin is board-certified in psychiatry and neurology -- which I believe must be exactly the right combination of disciplines to treat ADD/ADHD, especially since it is a neurological disorder, often accompanied by anxiety or depression. But, also important, she is very easy to talk to, and you just feel comfortable around her.
I should add that I'm a research psychologist (PhD), and if you think you might have ADD/ADHD, you need to see someone who can prescribe medication if you need it, and you probably will. Psychologists and social workers are great for supportive therapy and coaching, but they cannot prescribe medication.
Feel free to email me if I can help, and here's the contact information for Dr. Gorin, including her website ( ):
Debra S. Gorin, M.D., P.A.
1970 E. 17th Street Ste. 202
Idaho Falls, ID 83404
Phone: 208.535.8549

02-01-09, 08:24 AM
I have gone back to the beginning of this section and copied all post with doctor recommendations for the state of Idaho

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If you know of a place for ADD treatment especially those who will treat adults with ADD please do share here in this thread -

If you have a horrible experience with some one well that can be shared here too just please keep entries factual

Be sure to mention what part of Idaho you are referring to as this thread is for the entire state.

If you are here looking for a health care professional and none is listed - I have a collection of directories that may prove useful Where Can I Find a Health Care Professional? (

12-01-14, 06:16 PM
Not much activity here.

I am having some major trouble at work and am now desperate for help. I was hoping to find some personal suggestions from people for the Boise area.