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12-19-10, 05:24 AM
Anyone else have a noticeboard? I'm not sure when I even got one but I'd be lost without it. I pin important appointments to it, concert tickets and random stuff of no importance. Then I'll forget about it, wander over to my closest half-dressed and gaze at the notice board and be like 'oh, that's right - I've got to do that thing tomorrow.'

My forgetfulness has gone to an all time new high so I have to rely on daily to-do lists as well.

Anyone else use this methods of remembering stuff.

I used to have reminders on my phone but forgot to open the applications. LOL.
The alarms annoyed me too.

12-19-10, 05:35 AM
I don't have one but I think I'll get one.

Ginniebean linked me to this the other day -

But I think that's the third time I've had the link and the first time I downloaded it.

12-19-10, 06:46 AM
Yes! I have a couple of notice boards, a couple of white boards, a couple of diaries and notebooks in every room...and I still forget things!

12-19-10, 07:07 AM
I just downloaded stickies. I hope this works.