View Full Version : NPR podcast about benefits of video games

12-20-10, 11:38 AM
as relates to attention. Researchers found that avid gamers use the frontal cortex to play these types of games; non-gamers used the parietal area (I think). Anyway, it's an interesting listen...(you can read it also)

05-10-11, 10:53 AM
Thank you for posting that; interesting read. I do like that they mentioned that moderation is the key. I haven't played games seriously for about a year now, but would like to get back into the hobby in moderation. I do feel that playing games helped me focus, but some games that were too intense (some action, horror, etc.) had a negative effect on my task-switching ability. I think I fall under what Dr. Amen would call the "over-focused type," and for a time gaming was a big focus for me, I even wanted to work in the industry for a long time. As part of my journey of growth after my diagnosis, I am coming to see that I need to "organize" my life around my values, whereas before, work and worry organized my life for me and hobbies let me escape from that.

Having played games for over 30 years now, and going through my share of difficulties, and enjoying my share of successes, I think that playing videogames for fun is fine in moderation, as long as it's not an escape or a substitute for other healthy social, physical, or mental activities. :)