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12-23-10, 02:26 AM
I am medicated with dextroamphetamine extended release:

1) Hanging out with friends, shopping, going for a stroll, camping&activities:

- Required dose per 8 hours - 5mg extended - Dose above 7.5mg extended gets me high in this situation.

a) Not taking the dose: I experience extreme boredom, constantly want to do something else or change the place I am at. Agitated, restless, uncomfortable in one place doing one thing, itchy, ****ed off and plainly a pain in the a for others around me. Constantly thirsty, hungry, wanting to pee, or go for a crap. Muscle pain, back pain from sitting in one place or standing in one place, muscle cramps, extreme loss of energy, and more rarely, drop in blood sugar below 5mM accompanied by brief blackout and collapse.

b) Taking the dose: Calm quiet, in a good mood, I am able to enjoy activities with other people and sit in one place for long periods of time. All problems in a) are resolved, no hypoglycemia even after long periods of no food.

2) Studying (math, engineering problems, advanced calculus):

- Required dose per 8 hours - 15mg extended - Dose above 20mg extended gets me high in this situation.

a) Not taking the dose: Overall feeling of hopelessness and weakness. Extreme fear of overwork manifests in thoughts about work that never ends no matter how much effort I put into it. Constant need to eat, drink, pee, scratch itches, move and do something else. Persistence in doing work results in a heat wave, itchiness, severe escalating migraine that requires immediate opioid treatment, that can be followed by a state of well being only after cessation of work. Resuming the work is possible after opioid treatment but the loss in focus is so great that doing so is pointless.

b) Taking the dose: I am able to sit for long periods of time and do math, engineering and other advanced calculations calmly and unbothered. Focus doesn't improve much but the capacity to work for longer than 15 minutes is an instant win.

3) Reading (no illustration book, plain text):

- Required dose per 8 hours - 25mg extended - Dose above 30mg extended gets me high in this situation.

a) Not taking the dose: Same symptoms as in 2-a) but much worst. Requires the highest dosage to remove the pain of reading. I always look at the total number of pages in the book, for example 360 pages and tell to myself ''I've only read 4 pages...I'll never finish this'' Less than 20mg won't be enough to keep me at the task.

b) Taking the dose: I am able to read non stop, for 8 hours without drinking, eating nor trying to do something else.

Drug history: I never took drugs recreationally, I don't drink, I don't smoke...I don't eat much either and I'm a hard gainer when it comes to Gym.

input appreciated ^.^

12-23-10, 02:48 AM
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