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12-23-10, 08:05 PM
Im 31 and taking concerta 36mg (up n down) for the last 2-3 years since diagnosis. Due to ADD my life has been plagued by frustrations and failures as many can relate to. Although the meds are great when they work, they only cover up the symptoms.

I experienced a breakthrough earlier this year. I saw a famous doc for a spine problem i had. He is a chiropractor from the UK and while researching my medical history he found out about my ADD and explained he was an expert in the field.

I was recommended some Brain Gym exercises i had to do twice daily. I decided to try these and did so enthusiastically. I can only say that from the very first day i felt a difference straight away and still feel the effects on a daily basis. To me it has the best and most natural results so far. Meds are more artificial compared to the brain gym exercises.

Im wondering if anyone alse can relate to this?