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05-08-03, 03:58 PM
This list can be used to discuss weight loss (or gain) and the strategies used to control weight, including diet and exercise, or other means. It can also be used to report results!


05-08-03, 04:26 PM
Okay, I"ll start. I'm 5'2 145 lbs. I started running again last week (or the week before..I can't remember). I was doing well, but HAD to finish off the rest of the ice cream last night so I could throw away the container;) I don't think I've lost anything yet...maybe a pound, but I'll keep you posted. I generally do a low carb, high protein diet. Usually I boil a dozen eggs and have 2 each day for breakfast. A protein shake or hamburger patty with cheese for lunch, and for dinner some kind of meat with a vegetabe. I buy a ton of ground beef, cook up the patties, then stick them in ziplock sandwith bags with a chunk of cheese in each, then put them in the freezer. I just nuke them at lunch. Very easy.

05-08-03, 05:37 PM
Geez Misclee your about my height but I weigh more than you do...but I used to weigh quite a bit more than I do now.. have lost like 30 pounds since that's the good news...but I still have a ways to go...fortunately it's all proportioned well....I exercise 5 times per week so physically I feel very is pleased...I eat or try to eat healthy....more fruits and veggies than junk food....weight loss is very slow...even though I exercise...I have what they call I will be on synthroid the rest of my's okay...Body image wise I'm really okay....:)

05-08-03, 08:27 PM
One thing my much thinner brother taught to me was when dieting avoid red meat like the plague. Percentage wise, it is the hightest fat meat. Also I learned when buying meat, to pay the price (in dollars) for the leanest cuts, looking for no-fat if possible. Turkey breasts skinless and boneless is very low fat. Chicken breasts skinless and boneless are also low fat. I was surprised to find out pork loins could be low fat also, and thats when I started eating pork, the meat I thought was greasy and fatty. You just have to buy the right cuts, and cook them without fat. Someday look up how many calories and grams of fat are in a 1/2 cup of olive oil, the healthy oil. If watching fat, that 1/2 cup of healthy oil can really add a ton of fat to a recipe. I also do the unthhinkable, I buy no-fat products even in the dairy section and even in the icecream section!!! No fat yogurt, cottage cheese, sourcream, milk, mayonaisse, honeymustard, cheese slices, shredded cheese, etc. For ground meat, I shop for ground turkey, which does come in different % of fat, and I buy the lowest fat possible. Some people watch carbs, some watch calories, some watch fats, I watch fats and calories. I average under 20 grams of fat and under 1600 calories daily when I'm eating this way, and still eat a lot of good delicious food.


05-08-03, 08:28 PM
There is a program on the internet - actually there are many - but one I like, called Crosstrainer, which is especially good at tracking wellness, fitness, muscle tone, percentage body fat, heart rate, over all fitness and does an excellent job of tracking all my meals and even the time I go to sleep and how many hours of sleep I get. It can all be graphed. It has a place to choose the type of diet you want, low-fat, low carb high protein, macro, etc. It even has a place to enter my medications and what time and dose I took them. Everything is trackable. I like the quick wellness check in on the goals achieved or not acheived and the feeling good or not feeling good. I also like the basic log journal, which allows for diary writing. It is an excellent program, calculating my daily caloric needs in order to reach my established weight loss goals by the dates chosen, and recalculating my BMI as well as recalculating how many calories it takes to maintain my current weight, recalculating daily. That changes every time I lose a poung. It also logs in how much exercise I got, and does a good job estimating how much effort went into the exercise, not assuming everything is equal, some workouts are harder than others. Check it out! You get a month free trial. Thats what I'm doing and I love it.


05-08-03, 09:20 PM
Lifestyle: Sedentary! (Must change that soon!!)
29 lbs over weight!
Weight Goal: 140 lbs
Diet Program:

Dieting Methods: Watch Fat, Watch Calories, Meal Plan, Menu Plan, Grocery Plan, Cook almost all meals including snacks, do not buy junk foods at store, purchase and substitute with fat free products whenever possible, avoid red meat, use non-oil or low-oil cooking methods as much as possible, use Pepperidge Farm thin slice light bread for sandwiches, Kraft fat-free mayonaise.

The crosstrainer program really helps. Now I have to start adding in the workout regimens it is trying to schedule for me!!!!!!


05-14-03, 12:27 AM
Well I've been to heaven and back since this post came the last few days another person told me to relax about this issue..that I'm a gorgeous knockout....their words precisely...and they had no reason whatsover to say nice words to me that were not sincere for a payoff....absolutely none ..yes perhaps I could stand to lose a few pounds they said but please do not kill myself over it...what a complement...they see my body shape as quite good....I mean I do exercise 5x per week and I know that helps...perhaps what we all need to do here is get reality checks from others...ask others what they see in us...get into panties or whatever in front of others...and ask what do THEY see......perhaps some of us see things a little differently than what's really there....

05-14-03, 01:08 AM
I am 5'2" and just under 200lbs . I can't exercise cause I hurt too much. My job is physical and I am always in pain. my ankles my knees, my lower back my wrists. I swell . One of my problems is my weight. I'm not much of a cook. Any suggestions ?

05-14-03, 01:41 AM
If it is joint pain, I have had several friends do well on Tahitian Noni juice. It's about 32.00 a bottle, but I know people who swear by it for getting control over deep aches and reducing swelling.

What does your doctor recommend? With pain, usually a dr would be advising or prescribing something. Without controlling the pain, it is probably a big challenge to get exercise. I feel a little pain in my knees, just a little pain, and that can become a psychological barrier for me, so I can imagine a lot of pain could also become a psychological barrier. I would suggest seeing a physician first, and getting some treatment for the pain. That will make you feel better and more mobile right away. I would also see a physician for exercise management and diet management. If you have insurance, you might be able to get both covered by insurance, at least partially. A registered dietician might be prescribed to help you adapt a new diet pattern.

Often over weight people have a secondary condition known as sleep apnea. The two synergistically combine to decrease energy level, increase weight, and cause depression as well as other nurological symptoms, including many attention and ADD symptoms. I would suggest asking your doctor whether you might be suffering from sleep apnea, and possibly have a sleep study ordered. It is one of the most underdiagnosed illnesses today yet its effects on our health and day to day energy can be serious.

I hate to say it, but meditation is great! It may not be a magic pill, but it sure might help your body begin healing better. If you are not well versed in meditation, its not so mysterious and it can be greatly enhanced by CDs or tapes from . They have a free demo tape there that they will mail to you and it is pretty good and costs nothing.

Another thing is visualization; seeing yourself the way you want to be, closing your eyes and visualizing how you want your life to be, including the most difficult task of how you want your body to be. This can be very healing to see for yourself what you want, in a relaxed anc calm state of mind.

There is another type of visualization, and that is the visualizing of healing yourself. I have been promsing people the authors of a book on this subject, who taught me how to visualize a beautiful pitcher of magical healing water that I would apply to or pour over all my wounded areas, whether cancer, or pain, or infection, whatever, and I would apply this water in my mind every time i could think of it through out the day. Even in the demo, as audience participants, we witnessed physical responses in body temperature around wounded areas, indicating blood circulation increased just as a result of the imagery. I highly recommend this. I'll find the author soon.

As for dieting, you have to discover what diet style works for you. Try, and click on advanced search, then on "quick and easy" and on "low fat". It will search for low fat quick and easy recipes for you. You might not have any trouble with those recipes. One thing for sure, stay away from fast food. Its the worst for both gaining weight and for the bad cholesterol.

Exercise can be as simple as just a walk. A nice gentle easy walk.


05-14-03, 07:29 AM
Thanks, Jon! I may just have to try the meditation stuff, cause I could use all sorts of

05-14-03, 01:07 PM
Barbette - something you might try for exercise which is always great for overweight people is swimming as its NOT weight bearing....once in the water, deep or shallow end, its amazing how good it feels...and anyone can swim...size doesn't you have a YMCA near you or a gym or a pool at school or work? Or you can try water the water it doesn't hurt your ankles....OR now that the summer is here, you can always go to the beach and leave your shirt on over your suit (that's what I do) and jump in the ocean....feels great.....take a friend with you...:). Also if your job is causing you physical pain, is there anyway some of your job responsbilities can change so that it doesn't cause you so much pain? Doesn't sound fair to me....and do you take breaks?

05-19-03, 02:11 PM
ADD has definitely kept me from losing weight or sticking to a fitness routine... seems like I start out well, but then lose interest, forget to diet, forget to eat right, and can't get motivated to exercise. Anyone else have these problems???

05-20-03, 02:18 AM
Be cautious about ascribing all life's woe's to one personality feature. Being tired can also be a symptom of depression, or anger, or rage, or keeping quiet about feelings, or boredom in career or tension in relationships. Lack of motivation can also be a symptom of misunderstandings between important family figures in your life, and your views of how your life should look. There are many possible causes for eating poorly, and exercising poorly, so many of which can trace back to a lack of feeling together on the important themes in one's life.


05-20-03, 08:49 AM
Occam's Razor, however, dictates that the simplest answer is usually the correct answer.

And in this case, I have none of the other things you mention. I'm not depressed, I'm not bored or tense about *anything*, I have no problem expressing myself or my feelings, I don't have any buried or residual anger or rage, I've never been abused, and I don't abuse drugs or other substances. (and so on.)

However, what I *do* have is a problem with motivation, sticking with something, becoming unfocused and forgetful, etc. I've *always* had these issues, and it's clearly what keeps me from sticking with any plan or exercise/fitness program.

05-21-03, 03:00 AM
If you have your emotional house in order, and still have motivation problems, then the next step is medicine. If medicine does not help, and you have already experimented with a wide array of medicines, then if it were me, I would go back to the other choices, and look inside. If this seems like an unpleasant paradigm, then consider the paradigm remaining; that medicine can't help, and there is no way to improve on emotional issues because they are all in order, so the case has no solution and the bearer of the symptoms has a free ticket to not exercise or diet. I personally would not like this latter paradigm, and don't know what other possibilities exist.

Personally, I have experienced abuse, I have experienced depression, procrastination, self-sabotaging behaviors, and I have found that ADD is part of it, but not all of it. If it is not all of it, then the rest of it, is me. The hard thing for me to do, is to look deeply at me, and find the ways I have sabotaged my own success in whatever area it is. In general, that is where the answer lies, assuming I have taken medication for my ADD symptoms. If i have not taken medicine for my ADD symptoms, then I look at that as a piece to consider whether I have not found an easy way to sabotage my success, by not taking medicine. Thats me!

Also, there is one other area to look at and that is one's health. In my case, I also had a concurrent medical problem of sleep apnea, which significantly reduced my motivation and energy. I find sleep apnea is not uncommon in people with ADD and research shows ADDers are more likely than others to have sleep apnea. So this means looking at the physical health realm as well.


05-23-03, 03:04 PM
I'm one of the type that its hard to gain weight... :(
Of corse I'm a guy. 6'0" at last doctor vist
2 weeks ago i weighed in at 155 that is a record for me. Now after having my metabolism sped up by meds I'm down to 145 already after 2 weeks...
In highschool it was the worst it was so hard to eat something on the medication. I remember stepping on the scale and seeing 115 and 110!
remember I'm 6'0" this wasnt good...

For any other guys out there having this problem I know one the is guaranteed to put the pounds on fast if you have a fast metabolism, and I'm sure you will like it..


You know farmers feed pigs beer to get them fatter and juicier real quick.
After turning 21 I drank a lot like everyone does at that age, gained about 25 pounds in a month and a half
Of corse that was drinking on average a 6 pack a night which is expensive and unhealthy :(
Protein shakes and weight gainers never worked for me.

05-23-03, 06:46 PM
Beer's not exactly a healthy way for someone to gain weight. I'd talk to a doctor, who can recommend a nutritionist or dietitian who can put you on a program that will give you healthy foods to eat and maintain a healthy weight for you, without alcohol or overdoing too much of one thing. Not to mention, beer is alcohol, which has depression-causing qualities... so you might thing drinking beer to gain weight is a good idea, but it's actually probably one of the worst things you could do if you're ADD. Especially if you're already on meds.

05-24-03, 02:13 PM
Agree with unreal.....also Smartidiot generally metabolism isn't "sped up" with meds....meds may decrease appetite which make you want to eat less OR meds may have side effects (i.e. feeling hyper or "on") that may make you naturally engage in more physical movement of body and just burn more calories...

Assuming your M.D. has ruled out a glandular problem (i.e. hyperthyroidism), or any other medical reason for inability to put on weight, I would do what unreal suggests....see a dietitian....there are many ways you can get many extra calories in your diet.....from food:).....protein shakes not necessary.....without even knowing it...and doing it healthy....and without drinking......A male who is 6' tall with a medium frame has ideal body weight in the ballpark of 178 pounds....

Brother Wilbur
02-13-04, 09:25 PM
I have a weight-gain problem, too. Wee I'm a teen and I was on meds I forget how long ago but not important, I stopped a year ago. But while on them I lacked energy, was depressed, and didn't eat much at all. Even though its been a year since I've taken the stimulant meds- I'm on Wellbutrin now, because it treats both ADHD and depression- I still am somewhat depressed and really can't eat. The doctor likes to make a big fuss and then my parents get all worried that I'm anorexic or something because I am a teenage girl in a preppy preppy school that hates me since I'm weird- and I don't care. I am NOT about to go hurting myself for those silly people. You'd think they'd pick up on it- my style is different, I don't shave my legs, etc. ANYWHO. I eat to live, not live to eat. Dumb medicines, they didn't even do what they were supposed to do. Dumb dumb dumb. Who made them, they are incredibly evil and... dumb.
Anywho, what should I do, and please don't say "eat" because I'm not about to start shoving food down my throat and make myself sick. I am thinking of just twirling through life, and it shall be nice. Twirling is nice, and it is the only way to travel to my own little world (I sound like I'm high, just high-per, don't worry.) See, why can't everyone just RELAX? OK this has nothing to do with anything so farewell all.

BrotHer WiLbur