View Full Version : Managing your ADHD while using an iPhone

12-24-10, 03:16 PM
For those of us who use smart phones, a whole new dimension of hyperactive attention shifting has worked it's way into our day to day lives.

From my personal experiences, the various applications can become very distracting and overwhelm my attention span.

I thought it would be fun to share tips on how to get these devices to work for us instead of us working for them.

12-24-10, 03:29 PM
I will begin by sharing a tip in managing my ADHD when using my iPhone.

For a while I started to make a ritual of checking online updates. They would go in the order of Mail, Facebook, Twitter, and eBuddy Pro. I would then check a professional blog app for updates, and often go back to the starting point of my mailbox to contemplate email correspondences. A cyclical habit has developed that borders on OCD.

Anyways, I recently caught a nugget of knowledge about modern ADHD that said people need to make the conscious choice to focus on something instead of passively following the lead of various things which are so much more attention grabbing because of their immediate promise of things that are happening 'now' i.e. twitter, facebook.

What I've done is turned off all automated notifications for my apps. And I changed the settings of my social networking accounts to email me if there are things like direct messages to me.

This has helped because now I can avoid getting into a cycle of checking for updates on various applications. I simply check my mailbox and remind myself that the only relevant things to check on should be there in my in-box. What's more is I no longer am drawn into opening other apps that become lit up with notifications of new updates.

Overall, there is less 'immediacy' to what I see on my phone, and I have now customized things that are reassuring me that one source - Mail - is the only one I should feel obliged to check.

12-24-10, 04:52 PM
You would probably die laughing if you saw my mobile; it's from the Stone Age of about 2004. I suppose someday, I will have to update, but those silly little APPs worry me for exactly the reason you stated.

I will keep your tips in mind for when that day does come. Thanks.

12-24-10, 11:53 PM
I have a dumbphone right now, but I could see that becoming a problem for me if I had a smartphone. On the computer I have a similar ritual of checking a number of sites many times a day, if I had a phone in my pocket that I could check all the time it would probably get worse. Your method sounds like it would help a bit, but only if you stopped yourself from going into those sites even without a notification.