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12-31-10, 03:13 AM
we all talk about our mastery of the art of piling and our silly planners and calendars, so i was wondering if anyone has an ipad or other tablet to keep them organized. my computer doubles as a tablet, but it is kind of bulky, so i am saving up to buy a 10inch ipad-like tablet that runs android 2.1 for myself and boy am i exited! tablets are so helpful becouse they are great for jotting down notes, and keeping track of appointments (important for us ADHDers) and they can act as a "kindle", search the web, play games, etc. i dont know why every person with ADHD doesnt have one! and obviously you say price, but i have found some 7 inch ones for only $100! they arent as easy to type on, but you can write notes and such on them and it is much easier than using your cell phone. i also want to possibly work using a tablet into my 504 plan at school, and i got so inspired by the idea that i am proposing to my school that we use tablets instead of paper, binders, and books in every classroom!
so anyone have any experiences with a tablet?

12-31-10, 10:16 AM
I recently bought an iPad and downloaded the 2Do app. It is a time management app that allows you to create separate calendars for work, school, home, etc. Each has its own tab and it also puts items from all calendars onto one tab that allows you to see what you have to do for the day/upcoming weeks.

You can set alarms for items, recurring appts/to do's, and specify items as part of a checklist or project. There are a lot of options and I feel that it is relatively easy to use. It has really simplified things and I like having all of my to do's in one place.

12-31-10, 02:10 PM
holy balls! that sounds awesome.

I am such a geek. How much are those things anyway?

Are they still glitchy?

Trooper Keith
12-31-10, 02:30 PM
I mainly use my iPad for dicking around and Internet use, my phone is much handier for task management and such. My main problem with the iPad is that the keyboard is pretty bad, I'm hoping for a Swype equivalent at some point. I have a docking port for it, but it's finnicky at best. Considering a bluetooth keyboard in the very near future.

Trooper Keith
12-31-10, 02:38 PM
holy balls! that sounds awesome

iPads are a lot more powerful than just this. I have analog synthesizer clones ( and **** on mine. My 10 year old future brother-in-law who is developmentally delayed loves drawing with it using the touchscreen interface. It's amazing for reading PDFs for school in APA format and easily handles two columns at a legible font size. I have drum machines, MIDI controllers, keyboards, and other toys on it.

I am such a geek. How much are those things anyway?

Between $500 and $900 depending on the options.

Are they still glitchy?

Not nearly as glitchy as they used to be, and with the introduction of iOS 4 to the iPad we got multitasking, which makes it nearly as functional as a computer.

The only true failure in my opinion is the lack of an onboard camera. I am uncertain if Skype video chat for iPhone will work with iPad using a bluetooth camera. Also, no USB, so no peripherals except bluetooth and Mac docking ports.

12-31-10, 03:05 PM
KMiller - Thanks. I first saw them used in an illustration context, so I didn't know they did all that other stuff. Since I have a laptop, I didn't see the use for something less functional.

I guess I can kind of understand that part about not including a camera - if you can afford $500 - $900 for something that isn't much more than a really useful toy, you can probably buy a better camera. BUT, if there's no effin USB port, how are you gonna download them to your pad?

That sounds like planned obsolesence to me. Here, geeks, have something fun to play with. But you'll have to buy another one in a year when we come out with the one that has USB ports. Grrr. Maybe there's a good reason for it and I'm just not thinking about it.

I'm only a minor geek, obviously, or I would have already known all the specs, haha.

Trooper Keith
12-31-10, 03:37 PM
I guess I can kind of understand that part about not including a camera - if you can afford $500 - $900 for something that isn't much more than a really useful toy, you can probably buy a better camera. BUT, if there's no effin USB port, how are you gonna download them to your pad?

Either over the airwaves or through the proprietary Apple port that iPods use.

I don't mean to say that my iPad is an expensive toy. I bought it with the purpose of, and mainly use it for, reading PDF documents for school. When my keyboard works, I also use it for text editing sometimes, when I don't have a PC available. It's an amazingly useful device. As for all the synthesizers and such on mine, I'm a musician, so it's much the same as an artist having a lot of graphics editing software on it (I have some of that, too, and it's powerful for that work too).

12-31-10, 04:02 PM
I wasn't trying to make fun or call you frivolous for having or using an ipad. My thought is that you can have more functionality for a similar amount of money in a laptop. But I understand it isn't as portable and doesn't have the cool touch screen. It is useful and you do use it for work, so maybe toy isn't the right word.

Still a noob on the bluetooth front. All I see is people walking around looking like psychotic when they appear to be having an argument with themselves... then you see the earpiece.

I've been looking for a way to get on a better schedule and technology seems to work pretty well except when it crashes and it doesn't. I guess I'd be better off sticking with my smart phone and laptop for a while.

01-05-11, 08:12 PM
If you are looking for something that you can carry with you, and is cheap, i'd advise you to look into an android tablet, as you can get a 7 inch one for around $100, and 8 inch one for around $130, and a 10 inch one for around $160. If you want a really nice one, like the ipad, you can get one for around $350, and it does have a camera. here's a link for it:

08-24-11, 11:39 AM
2011 has certainly been the year of the tablet. I am currently typing on my Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 that runs android 3.0 (honeycomb). I loooove it! It is really quite amazing, especially for those of us with ADHD. The calendar works so well for me, and there are tons of notes apps and things to stay organized. There are also homework reminder apps and apps that take notes while recording lectures and taking photos, but they are all stored as one note, so everything is in one place. I am hoping to get my mom one for er birthday, as she could really use the calendar, and a great place to store books. And if you plan on getting a tablet, don't waste your money on an ipad. They are more expensive than android tablets, and the specs are worse! The acer iconia can be found for under $400, as well as the asus ee pad transformer, which converts to a laptop. I sure hope i can use mine in gig school!

Here are a few of the best apps for ADHDers:



Jorte calendar

Checklist lite


Desk notes

Droid notepad

Due today


Google Tasks

Habit streak


Menu planner


Note board

Quick office


Study droid

Good luck! Tablets are an amazing way to get organized!

08-24-11, 01:44 PM
Dancinonwater- I totally agree with you.

I have an Android phone which I am using to send this. It's like a mini-tablet.

I wasn't crazy about the Jorte calendar interface, but I loved the feature that keeps an agenda open on screen (its called a widget on my phone, but not sure if the terminology is the same). It shows everything you have scheduled and had many options for customizing this view, I.e. one day, 3 days, 1 week, etc. I use my pre-installed calendar to enter my schedule, but I thought it was pretty cool that Jorte had the option to add a notes section at the bottom of the calendar page. It reminded me quite a bit of the Franklin Covey paper planners, except it was 1) free, 2) fits in my purse or pocket, and 3) rings an alarm when something needs attention.

I also use Evernotes. Another free notes program. But after checking out several, I chose Evermore because it had a widget (always on screen) for making voice to text notes. In other words, you push the button that looks like a microphone, start speaking, and the program translates your voice into written notes. I don't think it would work for lectures because its a little sensitive, though. But it also allows photo notes and sketches using the touchscreen.

I also use Note Everything because it has a widget that lets me see action items in checklist form. It also has a voice to text feature, but doesn'thave photo or sketch capabilities.

I'm interested to check out your suggestions.

08-24-11, 03:42 PM
One thing to be careful of however, and I've encountered it. Several of my professors do not allow laptops or tablets into the classroom, citing them as a "distraction"

And I can see their point: the games and internet access can be used during class time, by those who choose not to pay attention.

08-24-11, 04:19 PM
One thing to be careful of however, and I've encountered it. Several of my professors do not allow laptops or tablets into the classroom, citing them as a "distraction"

If that comes up, see if you can get permission on the grounds of disability. I haven't encountered that problem recently.

My big problem has been that the iPad isn't very stable on the desk when standing. I have the Apple keyboard which just doesn't fit in any kind of case. Using them together on the go is nowhere near as convenient as a proper laptop. I usually just lean the iPad against something but it can be really irksome.

There are some laptop-like cases but they include their own keyboards, so they're quite expensive.

It's fantastic for reading. There are ways to transfer documents easily... Dropbox and Goodreader are a big help. Not as easy as plugging in a USB key though.

Purely for writing, I'd probably prefer a small laptop.

Spec-wise and price-wise, non-Apple is the way to go. I only have an iPad because the others weren't available early enough.

08-24-11, 08:22 PM
I would also add that my Android phone is a tremendous pain in the butt to type on.

If I had to write a paper or anything more than a couple of paragraphs, I use the laptop. Tiny touch screen keyboard takes too much time.

08-24-11, 10:24 PM
Oh, I'm glad you resurrected this thread! I'm looking into the 7" Android tablets (primarily) -- small enough to carry around with me, but big enough that I can read and type on them.

I need to find someone who will sit down with me, patiently, and walk me through the options and also take the time to understand how I plan to use it. (Calendar software, misc. assistive tech like text-to-speech...)

I get total decision paralysis every time I think about it on my own, so I still don't have one.

It's kind of frustrating, because I used to be fairly tech-savvy (taught myself HTML in the mid-1990s, e.g.), but since then I've gradually descended into Luddite-dom, particularly concerning mobile technology.

Any suggestions on where I could find someone (other than a salesperson on commission) to help me consider the options?

08-24-11, 11:47 PM
I will tell you that my Droid phone is at least 3 times easier to use than a PC.

Hardware isn't my strong suite, so I couldn't help you with choosing a model, but if you can teach yourself html, you won't have a problem figuring out the apps. So much more idiot proof than programming!!

BTW, I did the same thing. Taught myself html, even did tech support for a while, but got totally left behind with mobile technology.

04-02-12, 07:33 PM
i'm considering several options myself at the moment. one would be to buy an android smartphone ,then all those delicious organzing apps that people reccomend would be available . the next option is a tablet of some kind. i don't have the $$$ to purchase an i pad, but there are many other options available: i'm looking in the $200.00 range and two brands keep popping up:coby and lenovo.i like the android4 os on the coby, but as a cheapy it doesn't have bluetooth or gps. these are two features which are necessary for some planner apps i'm interested in. the lenovo has the bluetooth and gps, but the os is the older android 2.3. still popular, but being passed over by the newer android 4.0. as far as typing is concerned, there are accessory keyboards out there to make that easier. for tablets, the USB type often comes as a keyboard/case . for the smartphone option i'm looking at foldable, bluetooth keyboards. the issue there is reliability vs price. a bit of time cruising amazon's electronics and computer depts will give you an idea of the variety available. even if you end up buying elsewhere.