View Full Version : Apple's FREE iPhone and iPod finder!

12-31-10, 05:55 AM
Alright apple has has this iPhone tracker for a while and now they have made it FREE! Soo let's get started

Before we start go to settings->general->about and if it is lower than 4.2 you need to upgrade to iOS 4.2.

What you will need
An iPhone 4, an iPod touch 4g, or an iPad ( sorry it needs to be a new one )
Computer with iTunes 10 (Upgrade Only)
Apple ID (iTunes account)

Steps :
1) (upgrade only) Plug in your iWhatever into your computer
2) (upgrade only) Sync it
3) (upgrade only) Click the Update button or Check for updates button.
4) (upgrade only) Wait for it to finish.
5) Turn it on and go to Settings->Mail->Add Account->MobileMe
6) Type in your Apple ID and Password
7) Turn on Find my iWhatever
8) Click Allow and then it should say Sync Configured.

To find it on a map, make it play a LOUD sound, or remotely erase it, go to Then login. Then you should see a Map with your device on it ( for more options, click on the blue arrow ).

Enjoy! I love this app, because I can easily find my iPod when I lose it (and that happens all the time lol).