View Full Version : Typing While Standing?

01-05-11, 10:41 PM
Has anyone found an effective, and portable, means of typing, specifically taking notes, while standing?

I have dysgraphia, and simply cannot take useful notes in real time. My job requires me to interview people on a fairly regular basis, often in places where it's not practical to power up a laptop, and much of the time where sitting down isn't in a option.

I've been sort of fudging it by getting down maybe a word or two for every few sentences someone says, and then immediately typing the notes when I get home, counting on that word or two to trigger the memory of everything that was said. It's reasonably effective, but not effective enough to be satisfactory, ultimately, and if for some reason I can't type the notes out shortly after the visit, the memory will fade, and I'll forget a lot, and often can't even decipher what I've written. Also, audio recording isn't an option.

So, what I need is a light, portable, way to type while standing, that doesn't require a lot of set up. I have a Droid phone, and can type fast on it, but not nearly fast enough, so I think I'll likely need a two hand keyboard solution, unless there's a one hand typing device that I'm unfamiliar with that allows for faster typing.

One option I've come across is called "Connect A Desk" which is basically a harness which purportedly does let one type with both hands on a laptop while walking around, etc. It looks promising, but it has mixed reviews. Also, the laptop I'd have to use is fairly heavy.

I'm contemplating getting a dedicated word processor of some sort to use with it, such as an Alpha Smart, which would be lighter, and also not be as obtrusive as having a laptop on a harness, as it doesn't have a screen that folds up.

Another option would be an Ipad, which I've seen a case advertised that allows for two hand typing while standing, but as a rule, I hate touchscreens, and won't buy anything that uses them as the primary means of input. To be fair though, I have no experience with large touchscreens, only those on phones, like the iPhone.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?