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01-06-11, 05:20 PM
Recovery Inc. is a program that I was in last year and it helped me SO much. It was before I knew I had ADD, but at the time I was seriously suffering from depression and anxiety. Recovery Inc. was founded by Dr. Abraham Lowe I think sometime in the 1930s but the techniques are timeless. The program is designed to help people with mental and emotional disorders, yet like my group leader said, the strategies are things that everyone should learn. They teach you mental and emotional fitness, and give you tools to help heal yourself and minimize the symptoms that your illness causes. I attended meetings weekly, and my team leaders and fellow group members were so awesome. It was such a gift to be there.
I miss my Recovery Inc. meetings and team leaders. I've moved away since, but I learned some very valuable things. I still have our study book, "Peace of Body, Peace of Mind" by Rose VanSickle. I've begun reading it again. Is anyone else familiar with this program?


02-01-11, 07:52 PM
Why stop going to Recovery? Members of your old group may actually be using their online meetings or more likely the Recovery Forums. It is the same as a meeting and free to all. ( formerly