View Full Version : Smokeless Tobacco and Safety

01-07-11, 04:22 PM
Smoking helps me concentrate, but I am worried about the safety issue so I wanted to try smokeless tobacco.
I am new to smokeless tobacco products, I was a previous cigarette smoker but quit due to the dangers. I have heard from many people that smokeless tobaccos are much safer and I think I want to try them but I read this article
and it states that smokeless tobaccos actually are not safe, so now I am confused, what is the general consensus of the forum as to safety?

01-07-11, 04:30 PM
The only safe smokeless tobacco is Swedish Snus.
It's known to be safe just like a food product in Finland and Sweden.

Swedish Snus is pasteurized and not fermented, so it's safe and is clinically proven to not cause oral cancer.

I usually order it online.

Trooper Keith
01-08-11, 02:45 AM
Note well that it's Swedish snus, not American snus. We have no idea what is in American snus, and it's most likely not steam pasteurized like Swedish snus (the process that removes the carcinogenic elements).