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01-10-11, 03:01 AM
Hey folks,

just wanted to ask if anyone knows of a good pyschiatrist in Perth Western Australia who can diagnose ADHD?

I've been persuing a cure to my Anxiety, disorganised, distracted, negative thoughts, fatigued, never start or finish anything type personality and feel my next step should be to go and see a doctor.

I've always been tired and my doctors have performed many surgeries on my upper airways as I once had a diagnosis of sleep Apnea (I stop breathing in my sleep), however I was told when I underwent another sleep study about 4 years ago that everything looks fine. I've booked another sleep study in February just in case but now I think I have ADHD as all the symptoms match.

On the self tests I score 9/9 on the innatentive and 6/9 on the Hyperactive/impulsive, maybe I have ADHD, maybe not?

I spoke to someone from a support group in NSW who said the doctor could give me a pill and within 1 hour diagnose whether I was ADHD or not, does this sound right, how do I get diagnosed?

thanks all

01-10-11, 03:25 AM
hi dave,
sounds li ke we are in the same boat, and a web search for add doctors in wa does not seem to help much.
dr manners in subiaco is the only dr i have been able to get hold of so far. the wait is about 3 mnths, marchish. so give the office a call now if you can, just ring directory assistance. if i have any more luck will let u know. also under search try dr and perth and introduce ur self on the roll call australia post thingie, people are super helpful here.

01-10-11, 03:27 AM
ps if u are a student contact the disability support office/councilling. LADS the support group is not open til the end of jan, so dont bother calling them until feb.

01-10-11, 04:11 AM
Hi Guys
I'm under Dr Komeda at the Marian centre in Wembley. Sent me for a SPECT test a couple of years ago to confirm along with basic diagnosis methods.
I have found him excellent and we have been working together in getting the correct meds.
As for LADS, there is a support meeting on the 18th (every 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7 till nine.

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01-10-11, 04:34 AM
just rung this center...they are not taking on any more add patients.

01-10-11, 05:38 AM
Do you have any other coexisting symptoms bree?

What suburb are you in too?

01-10-11, 06:55 AM
I HAve been on anti-depressants for about 8 years...I was super depressed after I had my daughter.

01-13-11, 07:55 AM
Oooo here's a couple of WAers :D

I used to be a member of LADS and attended a support meeting or two, my psychiatrist is in Fremantle who sent me for neuropsychological evalauation and SPECT scan on top of my childhood diagnosis of ADHD. I wasn't looking for an ADHD diagnosis, so it kinda took years...

In my opinion ADHD is not a 'quick' diagnosis with the psychiatrist seeing you for an hour and sending you off with a script. I'm pretty sure the psychiatrist has to prove that you do indeed have ADHD to the government so that you can officially receive the medication (under schedule 8)

Anyhow, good luck!

02-03-11, 07:40 AM
Hey mate,

Go to your GP and get a written referral to Dr Ernst De Jong.

He's a psychiatrist based in West Perth able to diagnose and treat adult ADHD.

However, it will likely be a 1-2 month wait for an initial appointment.

There are procedures to aid ADHD diagnosis but I haven't heard of the one hour pill method. Proper diagnosis and treatment takes time but is achievable, go get it done!

Good luck Daveh!

02-23-11, 11:59 PM

I suggest that you contact LADS (Mon/ Wed/ Fri) mornings and ask for a list of psychiatrists. They have a list of psychiatrists who are currently accepting patients..though expect waiting lists.

They are all heavily booked, so you have to be persistent. Cheerful persistence!

LADS also has an adult support group.

In the meantime, you could try adhd coaching..coaching is used in conjunction with medical treatment...and can be a real help whilst you are waiting to get into see a psychiatrist.

There is a lot you can do to help yourself..becoming educated around adhd is the first step.



04-10-12, 11:53 AM
Hi there! New here. Thanks a bunch for all the info already provided by you folks. I am sorry if this post is a bit long!

I am confused about what normally goes on in adult ADHD assessment in Perth. Just today my husband went in to see a psychiatrist about what seems like ADHD-PI, maybe with depression. (If you open the first chapter of "ADD Kaleidoscope" on Google Books, the diagrams/pictures are totally my husband, and his sister even more so. Also we've totally had the ADHD "hyperfocus/loss of interest/change of tune" pattern in our relationship's development.)

We chose an ADHD recommended psychiatrist by LADS. Our referral letter asked for assessment for ADHD and possibly depression. I just thought it was strange that my husband wasn't given any questionnaires or anything like that, although the psychiatrist asked him to do a couple of tests like counting back from 100 by numbers spaced by 7.

Because my husband's brain totally jams/switches off when he gets asked questions about himself, his feelings, his thoughts etc, I got my husband to have a strong coffee literally as he walked to the office. I thought if he didn't, he would just brain-jam and the appointment would be a total waste of time and money, haha. :) So of course his brain was cooking along okay at the time, and he aced the cognitive type tests. Meanwhile, the psych got him to talk about his childhood and life, and looked through his school reports. Then he asked me to come into the office and talk about my husband, later on. (My husband has a fair bit of childhood/growing up stuff to muddy the water.)

While the psychiatrist can see a lot of distraction and "not applying himself/not on task" in the school reports, he has basically said he needs to go to a therapist/psychologist and work on his haphazard engagement with the marriage, his not communicating, and his "wall of negativity" that he has; also his lack of engagement in life (apart from fast cars and video games) and attitude towards life. He says come back again if that doesn't help.

While I totally agree with these things - (the failure to address these things much is what has gotten us to where we are)... I guess I just thought there would be more actual tests/questionnaires of some sort?? Many of my husband's life areas where he shows symptoms that look VERY ADHD-PI just didn't sort of... come up. I knew there'd probably need to be multiple appointments so that the psych can get to know enough information. But I didn't think we'd be sent off elsewhere without talking about the ADHD-ish symptoms much at all.

Is this quite normal? The trouble with my husband is he is like "trying to get blood out of a stone" in explaining what he thinks, feels, etc - if he's talking about something that isn't cars, video games, or things that annoy him. :) Is the psych maybe doing this because my husband's low communication level is simply not giving enough information for diagnosis? So maybe the psych thinks "Once he can communicate, maybe I can help him with whatever is going on"???

Argh, I'm just not sure if this is the normal process or not?? Wondering whether it is like a "test" to see whether my husband CAN/WILL apply himself to his problems once he gets told to do so by a psychiatrist?

Any opinions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Should we now work with a therapist? Or should I be getting a second opinion, or seeing a neurologist or something instead? Not sure if I should also be considering the possiblity of Aspergers. We totally planned to end up getting therapy/marriage therapy, but we thought that would come AFTER a diagnosis and possibly medication, in order to deal with things using the right context and with the best possible brain function?

Thanks so much!

04-11-12, 09:05 AM
Welcome, missym!

In my exam to get [re]diagnosed I was asked the count back from 7 thing, that's merely a concentration test. I got all of the numbers, but lost track a few times. I was always able to get back to where I was last, though. The doctor also asked me about my past, history, current, and where I want to go/be.

I was referred to see Dr Ross Manners, and have been seeing him since November. Not quite what I had expected from it all, but I'm getting treatment, and that's what I want. I was hoping for something a little more involved, but I really don't get much more than asking how I am and what else I think can be done. Not much is really offered up in most sessions, except when I ask a specific question.

Something that did speed up my diagnosis though, was the fact I had been diagnosed as a child, but not treated.

It sounds like your hubby is indeed ADHD, as it sounds a lot like me! :D If you can't get anything from your current physc, go to another. Maybe come along to the next LADS meeting, as I invite all of you Perthies to do. I'd be very interested in talking to some of you in person as well as on here.

Working with a therapist wouldn't be a bad thing, though. You may come out with a better understanding of the condition and how to manage it. Medication is only one aspect of managing, as you need to learn other tools to cope. And for those sessions, I'd advise going along as well, as it will help the marriage quite a bit. I've been trying to get my wife to come along to my sessions, so she can gain some insight from others who live with it, and take on their advice and knowledge. Very beneficial to all involved!

Also, I don't think the doctor would be waiting for your hubby to 'get better' before treating him, as that's what the doctor's job is. And testing him in that manner sounds very unprofessional. I'd be EXTREMELY peeved to find my doctor has done that, unless he has advised me of it [or my partner, if she actually took part in the process].

If you find a good marriage therapist that specialises in couples dealing with ADHD, let me know how they are and who they are. It's something I need to get my wife on board with so we can learn to manage it together, instead of the fight just being done by myself. Without her input in this, it makes me not want her to be part of it, and I know I don't want that.

Good to hear from more Perthies. Let's keep this thread alive :)

04-11-12, 09:12 AM
Roger Patterson..ADHD specialist..
Dr Roger Paterson MB BS MRCPsych FRANZCP
(08) 9389 5155
(08) 9389 5166 (Fax)
Dr R Paterson Specialist Practice
Hollywood Specialist Centre
Suite 37, 95 Monash Avenue
Nedlands, WA 6009Show Map

Dr Roger Paterson is a male Psychiatrist in Nedlands, WA.

His interests include Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).
"Dr Roger Paterson, Psychiatrist

Dr Roger Paterson – a Consultant Psychiatrist in full time private practice at the Hollywood Specialist Centre in Nedlands. A large part of his practice involves the treatment of ADHD in children, adolescents and adults. He also has a special interest in eating disorders, being the Clinical Director of the Hollywood Clinic Eating Disorder Programme. Apart from these two areas of special interest, he practices in the area of general psychiatry but does not do much medico-legal work. All referrals come via general practitioners and his fees approximate the guidelines set out by the Australian Medical Association."

04-12-12, 08:41 AM
Thank you very much for the replies. I am so grateful that there is somewhere we can go for viewpoints, opinions and other people's experiences. We'll definitely be going to the support group meeting this month, I have wanted to go for a couple of months but other things cropped up.

I also remembered that Dr Paterson is actually on the advisory board for LADS, so we have made an appointment to see him. I asked first about what type of diagnostic tools and processes are involved, and was glad to hear that there is a long questionnaire and it seems like it might be more thorough.

Yep, therapy and learning and new strategies definitely seem like an extremely important part of treatment. I have also read that sometimes the learning strategies, tools for making changes, therapeutic approach etc, can often be really quite different when using an ADHD approach... and it has seemed like he struggles badly to even focus on, remember or then execute ideas that could be helpful in the meantime, which has tended to make me wonder about needing medication to possibly get anywhere. The other psych appointment wasn't a total loss, though - after some of the psych's input he's actually suddenly attempting different approaches to things, instead of still switching off.

Definitely want to learn everything I can and be involved and play the fullest/most positive role that I can.... it has just been frustrating in the interim, when the actual person with the symptoms doesn't seem to have the concentration/energy/brain function to think about or begin their role... when I had read a thousand books and tried to talk/learn but the other party hadn't put down the games/car forums long enough to do any of that. heheh. :D Nah I'm really grateful to live in this day and age where at least we have some answers OUT THERE. I really do wonder how many couples have dealt with this throughout history, with no answers available!

Thanks again!