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01-10-11, 08:16 PM
Hi people,

I've noticed this forum has all it's post in one big thread, which is not really helpfull. It was started in 2003 :eek: and is still growing.

It might be an idea to cut it up into smaller threads, or just starting your own. That way, it's easier to find information on different topics in this part of the forums.

Start your own thread, using an appropriate title, describe
- how you are affected.
- What your solutions are.
- If you should use medication.
- ask questions on these subjects
- inform people, specifically about things todo with sleeping?

And that way make it more readable/browseable to other people.

Thanks. Night Night. Don't let the bedbugs bite!
Or .. :eek: GET UP ! YOU'RE ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL!!! :eek: (Bloodhound Gang)