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08-10-04, 05:17 AM
ADHD Adults (
"a support forum for adults with ADHD in Hebrew."

Jason Alster's Biofeedback Homepage (

ESRA Support Groups Page (

Sara Silber Psychological Clinic (

Quiet-ADD ( - "a support e-group for ADDers who are diagnosed with ADD but not hyperactive"

20 Ha 'Shahafim Street,
Ra'Anana 43724
Judith Schwarcz, Tel: 09-7729888, Fax: 09-7729889, Mobile: 052-488288
Email: (

Lisa Grossman
Pardess Meshutaf 5, Raanana
Tel: 09-7729253
Website: (
Zichron Yaacov
The Israel Association for Natural Answers to ADD and Learning Disorders
Jason Alster MSc
POB 2130
Zichron Yaacov
Tel: 972-50-5225980
Website: [url=""] (

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"Clinic of Advanced Psychology"

Tel: 972 8 946 5193
Facsimile: 972 8 946 5193

Email: (

webbsite: (

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Sara Silber's Psychological Consultancy

Clinic - Phone: 09-7710354

Fax: 09-7741175

Email: (

website: (

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Originally from Hartford Ct, USA. Jason Mark Alster is a biofeedback therapist - peak performance coach, who received his from the Technion University, Haifa in Medical Sciences.

Clinics are in Zichron Ya'acov, and Ra'anana, Israel.

Mail - POB 2130 Zichron Yacov,Israel

Call: +972-50-5225980

e-mail: (


08-13-04, 04:34 AM
lisa grossman
behavioral coaching center

"Lisa has been a pioneer of ADD Coaching in Israel, and at the forefront of the development of professional standards for the evaluation of Attention Deficit Disorder in Israel. She is a member of the Israeli Psychological Association, the Israeli Association of Learning Disabilities Analysts and the International Association of Coaches."

Call us at 052-248220, 09-7749253

e-mail: (

webbsite: (

12-30-08, 07:56 AM
Hey there

I am an Australian Jew (born in the former Soviet Union) and am interested in going to Israel sometime in 2009 for a working holiday. I would love to meet Israelis with ADD/ADHD as I would consider them by brothers and sisters two-fold (Jewish (not all Israelis of course) AND ADHD). I definitely connect with ADDers better than with neurotypicals.

Please add me on web messenger: ....