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01-15-11, 12:30 AM
To my ADD friends:

Thank you for being in my life
You know we live a life unabsent of strife
I see your post throughout multiple threads
I don't think I ever wore a pair of keds

The emotional suffering and pain we endure
It's a lot worse than sniffing the most grotesque manure
NT's are hard and not like every metal
Thoughts pour out of our brains kinda like a kettle

We fight through the attention span of a fish
Hoping to give this world something great kinda like a wish
It's not easy for us to converse
Words come out of our heads almost as a burst

My struggles to read do not prevent me from knowing
Your minds are racing and constantly going
Tears grow long and anger burns inside
You give me hope and so many to confide


01-17-11, 07:34 PM
For Fractured:

I'm a little stessed out now so I'm turning to you
Trying to schedule courses is not an easy thing to do
My anxiety level is elevated, tensions are in my neck
I look for the feel good blog so I'm not such a wreck

There are times when I feel like I am powerless
These are moments when I'm feeling additional stress
My brow becomes furrowed, my eyes open wide
Tears build up behind my eyes and I force them to hide

I see in you someone who struggles everyday
Seizures and all, it makes we want to pray
Sometimes I'm overwhelmed and I turn to your blog
I see the words "forever grateful" and it lifts my mental fog

You lift me up to keep moving in my life
Maybe I don't have it so bad it's not like flying a kite
Maybe it's a lesson for me to be grateful
Maybe my struggles can be meaningful

01-19-11, 01:50 AM
To the Forums:

I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now
These are my words so "I'm bringing" it to you proud
My face may be glowing as I am a Forum Guru
Feeling good about myself is not an easy thing to do

With pride and with care, I post my thoughts on threads
Seeing a thanks from you makes want to jump on my bed
My opinons are good, to the point, with some thought
Been a while since I smoked that green stuff called pot

When someone quotes my post it makes me smile inside
Seeing that someone values my words makes me beam with pride
My confidence is growing ever so slightly
Small advances are ok even if its not too mighty

To be connected with other ADDers is awsome
I'm feeling warmth and love it's not a microchasm
This poem is written by a red pencil named unison
I love ADDforums, it's becoming my medicine


01-30-11, 06:49 PM
For Shysmile:

I know this girl on ADDforums who goes by Shysmile
She’s fun to talk to, a home schooled kid from Ohio
She loves to thank posts and is the Queen of Tetris
She got a new mp3 player from money received this past Christmas

She loves to draw, I’ve seen many of her works
Her shading is impeccable and doesn’t contain many quirks
There might be some money in it for this girl of 24
There’s this one of a boy and girl hugging maybe about to twirl

She loves to dance when no ones watching says the brunette
But hates it when people misinterpret her words causes her to fret
She can draw a bumblebee with the ease of a graceful dancer
She is not the most fondest of an NT’s answer

She’s hyperglycemic and can tolerate low weight exercise
I know it’s a bummer for her not to do more intense workouts
She’s got a fear of doctors and some physical issues to get checked out
I hope she does this soon cause she’s my friend without a doubt

02-17-11, 02:02 AM
Emotional response to my WTF is wrong with me thread:

I'm breaking down crying as I read fleisch's post
Why do they care, I'm just an ordinary bloke
Am I not deserving of some compassion in life
Am I that bad for someone not to be nice

I don't understand why people are nice to me
I'm breaking down sobbing shaking like a tiny tree
What would people think if they saw me this way
My step-dad called guys wimps if they acted this way

I'm grateful to friends on the forums in many ways
Is the act of love shone on the darkest days
I'm a human being truly one of a kind
Sometimes it's difficult for me to break down and cry

People might chuckle at the person who lives inside
I'm handsome, in good shape, this I will not hide
My hope is to find some sort of inner peace
I'm 30 years old soon, please God let this be

03-19-11, 01:39 PM
My pain

No more pain no more sorrow
No more tears nothing to borrow
There may not be the end to my tunnel of pain
Sadness looms which I do not say in vain

The meds are working thank God for that
Will people ever reach out to me or lay like a mat
What is on my mind is ever present times ten
Is this affecting my thoughts making me vent

Memories flicker through my strange ADD brain
I used to run around the tennis courts as if I were insane
Some parts of my body have begun to break down
I miss those days when I was able to run around

Nothing left to say need to go out and make my day
I don't fee like doing anything with effort
The sun is shining ever so bright
Hopefully this mood doesn't carry into the night

05-07-11, 11:00 PM
A Mother's Day poem

You brought me out of the womb on a Wednesday
Without an epidural how were you able to stay at bay
You made me feel better those nights I was sick
With medicine or soft words you knew just the right trick

Having you come to my baseball games was such a thrill
I never had to worry about who would pay a bill
It was fun to go to D & D and bet on the number of cops
Not every mom was like you and those moments rocked

As I got older I was allowed to drive on your lap
Sitting in that gold Volvo could make me want to clap
I loved to watch my mom get ready for work
It was awesome just to sit there, we both have our quirks

Random texts about my writing show me you care
Like notes on my bureau in march every year
It's great to know you are proud of your son
It is forever etched in stone that I love my mum


05-15-11, 09:13 PM
A soul mate's love

Not knowing your name or exactly where you live
I sit in my home pondering what I can give
Shane was your guy, your best friend for life
A lover of games and music you knew of his writhe

He loved you so much, undoubtedly as he saw that land
Your special nature was infectious and gave him a friend
From Facetime to Skype you talked all the time
It was just you and him doing a twirl till way after nine

You gave him a gift till his very last day
It may have been something that kept his heart at bay
A gentle man was Shane who was surely misunderstood
It was the gift of love which was infinitely good

You stayed with Shane as a soul mate would
His bipolar took over and there you stood
You saw him in pain which must have been so hard to endure
Take heart in the fact you gave him everything and more



05-17-11, 07:05 PM
Excitement, Joy

Impenetrable creativity fills my brain
Like blood spreading through my veins
I love these moments I truly do
It's like grass filled with morning dew

I'm loving this moment I'm flyin high
No dream is unreachable, I could touch the sky
Feelings fill my brain and I am thankful
It's moments like this I become grateful

When something great happens its deserving to note
Like the site of a dolphin on grandpa's boat
Music plays in the background and my brain smiles
There's a happy face right above my brows

This poem was written in the driveway of a therapist
Take heart my dear friends I'm not on a crazy kick
Let's sing and dance as if you were listening to Gaga
Imagine how a thirsty throat feels seeing that agua


05-29-11, 12:41 AM
My blues poem (with prompting from Ginniebean):

My face is not blue but trust I'm a Jew
I do sit and sulk as one stiring stew
I'm better but I'm far from God
I keep pressing on do you know Harold & Maude

The blues are something I try to stay far from
They call me Anon not many know where I come
If a girl breaks my heart maybe I'll cry
With that smile and eyes, one might die

Recall though I'm one who was married
My ex and I did ride in a horse and carriage
Those moments when she was gone I do not miss
The blues I was singing, I will not dismiss

Pay attention Anon, people will read this thread
Do you really want others knowing of your sadness in bed
The tears you cried no blanket could ever hide
This is a poem on the blues, I have no pride


06-04-11, 06:10 PM
For Lunacie:

On those sad days it's hard to see beauty
The sky is all gray with clouds looking droopy
Finding a reason to live is hard to dig up
Maybe like buried treasure below a million rocks

Take heart dear Lunacie for a brighter day to come
You have a granddaughter who loves her grand mom
So much to offer in these Forums to boot
That green stuff by your name says a rep beyond repute

I offer you no quick fixes or a pill to lift your mood
It's care and compassion from this humble Jew
Do something for you to help you feel a little better
Maybe it's an ice cream cone with your granddaughter

Tears may flow, try not to stop them from going
Trickling down your cheeks making it hard to know
The sun will shine through those dark clouds again
As sure as birds will sing by the forest glen


06-09-11, 11:32 PM
It's Thursday Night

It's Thursday night
My cell is to my right
No more games Anon
Well tonight you can be a con

Lil Wayne's voice is blaring from my speakers
Maybe it be cool to meet him and have some beers
I'm up on the pop culture like riding a wave
I tasted the Cali life, went kayaking in caves

Now this song la la la la whatever is on the radio
I always like it when he talks about the white boys
Some times music is my adderall
My brain turns like fire on a wall

It's just me, my cat, my PC here
I pass the time by dreamin with a beer
Conman on ADDforums hates stupid people
I'm all over the place like a shaking steeple


07-11-11, 12:18 AM
To enter your heart

What does a man do to enter your heart
Does he talk and make jokes from the start
Do you prefer him to make you short stories
Does he need to ignite things so they are not boring

How can he say what your beauty is
He's in awe when I see you holding that kid
Is faith important to you if so how much
Is there something your man will use for a crutch

Does he need to listen to you speak and not fix
Light candles in the evening with a favorite dish.
Show you attention and endless support
Accept every inch of you including quirks

May your heart not be like a dark cave
May you be open and help light the way
It's a task he cant do on his own
He needs your help if you'll ever be one


07-23-11, 02:43 AM

Seething, rage, bubbles rise to the surface
You are on my mind as are curses
I hate you mom in all your form
The evil is the part that has done harm

I sit here in my tunnel of anger
The only way out is my ADD manner
You are mean, unhealthy, erratic
My heart beats faster as a matter of fact

Little release for my bouts of rage
There is no justice in this brick cage
I want to tell you I hate you and your life
My anger will go so I have peace tonight

Lucky for you I have Forum friends
Guiding lights something you lack within
Now it's crying time and pain wants to flee
This is my anger, this is me


07-25-11, 10:45 PM
Do you know

Do you know how incredible I feel
Ginnie, Peri, and Amtram keeping it real
Your friendship means so much to this guy
Know when I speak I'm careful not to lie

Do you know I haven't had much support in my life
My feelings and thoughts struck down, even from my ex-wife
That electricity from those bolts dwell in my heart
But you pick me up and help me not fall apart

Do you know what it's like to feel all alone
To wonder if someone cares to throw you a bone
For years of my life I spent alone with my thoughts
That scene is so dark I cannot say I forgot

Then I come to this computer screen and see you names
I'm comforted and glad right down to my veins
A feeling of support, a beam to lean on
Do you know what you mean to this guy Anon


07-26-11, 10:38 PM
A new day

Night time is here and stars twinkle all around
As the life of an ADDer goes, shame is abound
That stack of mail is piled on a table
Dirty clothes on the floor like leaves from a maple

Take heart dear ADDers for a new day will come
When the sun rises another chance will have begun
The past is gone like that starry night
A door of hope opens to help you take flight

Lay your heads on your pillows with a smile on your face
You are very special, the meanest NT could never erase
You'll wake up as the dawn shines through the glass
You'll tackle those projects with great class

Imagine that stack of mail gone from your mind
And those dirty clothes clean of old wine
This is what a new day can bring you my friends
It's incredible to be awake and tie up loose ends


08-01-11, 02:34 PM
I have a dream

I have a dream that pain will cease
It will stop like a car on a street
No more tears, trials, or pain
There will only be smiles and gain

I have a dream that nothing will make me cry
All my injuries will run and hide
My pain from childhood will no longer haunt me
It's gone from my brain never to be seen

I have a dream that pain will cease
Joy is abound, smiles run quick like streams
Friends and I join hands and smile
Positive words reign free like a post from shysmile

I have a dream nothing will make me cry
All of my days are spent thinking of great times
It's like those days as a child without a care
All you had to worry about was playing fair


08-06-11, 03:16 PM
No control

No control, what do I do
Anger can't help with my pain
People can get me so upset
In these times, I need to refrain

No control, what do I do
My face is red, my heart beats faster
I'm angry when I cant control things
My head is filled with so much chatter.

No control, what do I do
Giving people my anger does not help
My time on earth is so thin
I need to live in what I've been dealt

No control, what do I do
If my time is short on this planet
What I do each day is big
Acceptance is something I need to embrace


09-27-11, 03:45 PM
How many times will I cry

Whether love or world suffering it's too much
I think about it and tears begin to well up
I bottle it up and it makes things worse
G why does my life seem like a curse

Am I that bad; am I not a good guy
I will go through h*** and wonder why
I'm tired of the pain, the endless struggle
Why can't life be as easy as driving in a puddle

Is it not ok to cry in this world I love
Do the stars not have moments the cease above
Sometimes crying is good and healthy
Men are taught not to, like its girlie

The tears have fallen and my pain is released
I'm alone and safe, this moment I will not erase
I'm ok wth crying as I see fit
Maybe it will help me get a grip


03-15-12, 05:49 PM

Why do I need to pursue you
Why is it so easy to sit and stew
Will you always be hard to grab
Never did I skip out of a bar tab

Let me live in joy and smile till I die
It'd be all about fun not protecting pride
Mistakes would be the last thing on my mind
Just happy thoughts skip endlessly inside

Let joy always be in front of my feet
I'd gladly follow its trail to please
No matter my lot and painful emotions
Let joy invade and skip endlessly inside

Let joy be written on my heart
It's shining light penetrates sadness
It's infectious and people are drawn to me
Let joy my invade my heart and let me be free


04-09-12, 01:55 AM

My chest feels weighed down
Itís the thought of what youíve done, an awful sound
Iím ready to unleash rage, consuming fire
I want you to feel my darkest hour

Would you love me if I did nothing for you
Isnít it a ďmom thingĒ to love him who has eyes of blue
I just want your love and acceptance of me
Is it too much to ******* ask of thee

I saw your email and I wanted to cry
Do you know the pain I often feel inside
I wanted to respond. I wanted to connect
History says to stay away, no disrespect

A sonís heart always craves his mom when she's gone
This is what happens without any happy songs
For smiles and joy have taken a break
Iím counting the day when you are no longer awake

04-28-12, 08:52 PM

Your words bring pain on me
Itís molten lava poured through trees
It devours foliage and lush, green grass
This is your venom you pain in my ***

Your venom is confusing to me sometimes
Not how I feel when I make rhymes
Itíll make me cry and want to run and hide
But sometimes you offer words like fine wine

Do you know how much I long to be with you
A motherís touch is long overdue
Iíve needed you like the cut needs a band aid
Instead, itís your venom poisoning my brain

You told me you wished you hadnít named me after your dad
I made a mistake under the dark sky when I was mad
You never forgive and I wasted my time
I long for the day your venom doesnít enter my mind

05-28-12, 06:56 PM
This is what it’s like to be ADD

Imagine you begin to look at a honey bee
Then, you are inspecting the inside of a tree
Meanwhile, you hear a guy talking and another’s sneeze
This is what it’s like to be ADD

A thought pops in your head to begin a task
Two hours later, you’ve left it for a big bash
Days, weeks pass by, hopes and dreams begin to wean
This is what it’s like to be ADD

Your childhood is marred by hurtful criticisms
A memory triggers them while you’re on ADD Forums
Your day begins at 11 a.m. and doesn’t end till 3 a.m.
This is what it’s like to be ADD

You see a cute girl and you want to talk to her
You summon the courage and get her number
Two months later the blonde becomes a bore
This is what it’s like to be ADD