View Full Version : Adderall and rebound anxiety?

01-17-11, 03:51 PM
I am a 33 y.o. male with GAD, panic disorder, and ADHD-combined type. For years, I was treated with various SSRIs, Benzos, as well as Buspar with minimal efficacy. Xanax has always been effective for ending a panic attack, but I have been constantly searching for a way to prevent them. Recently, I began treatment with Adderall (10mg IR, 2x/day). This has been a Godsend for my ADHD symptoms. Moreover, it has eliminated all of my daytime anxiety, but my anxiety symptoms are still severe at night. I fall asleep fine, but wake up panicky after a few hours. Also, the frequency of night time panic attacks has increased since beginning this treatment. Currently, I take Xanax 0.5mg three times per day for GAD.

Would asking my doctor to change my Xanax script to Xanax XR once nightly (or early evening to combat the stimulant "come-down" effect) be beneficial or should I give antidepressants another go? Would perhaps another stimulant medication let me down easier? I have tried Strattera in the past, and it was not effective for ADHD or anxiety for me.

01-18-11, 01:49 PM
dexedrine would cause less anxiety. i would definitely give ssri's for the anxiety, even if it is your come down. as you know benzo's would kill the anxiety and comedown as well, but i wouldnt want to rely on benzos for that reason, id prefer ssri's for long term use. and no, i wouldnt recommend taking xanax xr only because xanax is very potent and addictive and should only be used as needed.

02-20-11, 10:06 PM
I hear stratterra doesn't have any negative side effects regarding anxiety.

12-21-12, 08:14 PM
Clonidine XR. Works great for adderalls rebound effects. I also take it during the day. I'm surprised more docs don't recommend this combo like mine did. I thought ADHD meds were not right for me until I tried this. Almost all my anxiety and procrastination goes away. I tried it with dexedrine but both were too calming I felt too sedated. Adderall has enough kick to balance the drowsiness clonidine causes but clonidine mitigates all the negative side effects for me.

Fyi don't over do clonidine doses if you do get it. It's powerful stuff and takes 3-5 days to build in your system. If you get careless it will hit you like a freight train out of nowhere on day 3 to 5.

One more thing though, the down side I notice to clonidine is it makes me nose stuffy. Im hoping this goes away as I already have sinus issues. I've started taking my meds at night again to counteract this but it feels like a waste to use adderall as sinus medication when the clonidine puts me to sleep enough. Also intuniv works better for some then clonidine. Intuniv worked better for me on dexedrine, however I felt like I had no impulse control for some reason. Intuniv also made me agitated and gave me insomnia oddly enough.

Hope that helps you or anyone else.