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08-10-04, 04:25 AM
I have Tourette's as a result of genetics and the Stimulant drug called Ritalin. The child find program suspected that I have ADD and asked me to go in for some tests. The doctors gave me the good ol CAT Scans, MRI's, and probed my mind with gizmo's i don't know names for. It was after the put me on ritalin did they realize that they just opened the door to a syndrome that was dormant for the time being. My TS was eventually going to come out, that was for sure, just they didn't know Ritalin would have such a drastic effect on me.

I live with TS with out medication. I have learned how to control my tics so that they arent as noticable to people. Many times, people are shocked when they figure out that I have TS because they just don't see, or recognize me doing any of the things that are associated with it. I let go control when I am creativly thinking, playing my trumpet (In both practice and performance), while I am on the computer, and while I am seeing my girlfriend (She finds my tourettes syndrome to be a very unique aspect to me, rather than a disability or something weird).

I am 18 now, 10 years since I was diagnosed with TS. I am an aspiring music educator (Band Director) and am heading to college. I try to use my TS as an advantage, and not something that needs to be treated. I graduated High School with a 3.5 GPA and college credits.

I was taken off ritalin 6 weeks after my mother noticed odd side-effects coming from it. (And a year of testing later, they find I have TS).

Have been looking for a forum like this for a long time. Good to see there is one in existance :)

*Please pardon my horrible spelling. It's 4:25am and I am rather tired*


08-10-04, 08:52 PM
Welcome Trebor and I am glad that you have joined forums.

And don't worry about your spelling, we manage fine here.

It seems like you are a very creative person and I am glad to see that you view Tourettes in a positive way and that your girlfriend is understanding and supportive of you.

Congrats on going to college and do you realize that they are pretty sure that Mozart had Tourettes? And he was a master composer.

Do you mind sharing what type of tics you have with us?


08-10-04, 09:29 PM
Welcome to the ADD Forums, Trebor

08-11-04, 01:01 AM
I am very aware that Mozart more than likely has Tourettes. You could tell it in his music. You'd have a calm theme and then all of a sudden have a pattern of some 16th and 32nd notes for no apparent reason.

A few of my tics include:

Hiccups without a sound,
Mild Headbanging Tics,
Random Arm Movements,
Widining of the mouth for no apparent reason,
Yips (These don't happen anymore. They were around when I was in 5th grade.)
Movement of Random Muscles all over the body,
Rolling of eyes for no reason,
Random notes when not playing Jazz,
Random notes from a finger or mouth tic while playing Jazz.
Several other tics that really can't be described.

A few things about my past:

My Tourette's Syndrome was dormant until I was put on Ritalin, a Psycho-Stimulant very popular in schools and corrupted doctors. The "Quick Fix" for a child who has ADD. I was made fun of in school not because of my tics, but because tourettes has my brain rewired so to speak. something that is ovbious to one person, might not be to me, and vice versa.

A few things about my present:

I'm looked up too by several aspiring musicians. In other words. Kids think I'm cool and they want to be like me with all my funky moves while I play my trumpet :)

Thank you for the warm welcome guys :)


08-11-04, 03:21 AM
Well Trebor since we are comparing tics, here is a list of mine past and present:

Open mouth wide and stretch it

Upper lip to bottom of nose

A vocal noise that sounds like a motor boat or Mr. Ed the horse

Sighing and blowing air out


Left eye winking

Shoulder shurgging

All sorts of facial tics or facial clowning

My skin can itch when I tic

Pop my wrists and turn hands in an upward or downward motion

Lower back twitch

Left shoulder to ear

Pop ankles inward while sitting and walking

Clinch buttocks

Facial touching with hands

Moving hair out of face when hair not in face

Head to the left, hands in a praying postion under my left ear, snorting, and contracting muscles at the same time

Arms going out in front of me or up and arm flapping.

Dystonic tics-Squeezing of muscles in the process of a tic and holding until it feels just right. Can last up to a minute, maybe more, I have not timed it

Roll up my upper lip and buck out lower jaw

Pushing stomach muscles out

Jaw clenching

Eye blinking

Full body movement at night in bed

Closing eyes tightly shutting and squeezing and bring head down to the left. This has effected me while driving and is very scarey.

I have a new vocal tic which I can't really describe but it just comes out and scares my office mate.

I was in denial about my tics and diagnosed at 36. I came out of denial when I was placed on Wellbutrin and went my dosage got up to 300 mgs I went from denial to high moderate/severe tics. I am probably in the moderate range now. After the Wellbutrin, my tics never went back to how they were prior to the medication.

08-11-04, 08:37 PM
Hi Trebor, welcome here. I was dx'd with ts+adhd about a year ago at 26 yo.

I think my TS is inherited from my dad, we're like copies of each other. My list of tics... Not this time. I've had most of them and I have a couple of them now... I have good control over them but have learned to let them come more freely than before (now that I know I'm not a retard or a psycho or something) and I feel soooo much better. No more head aches or stomach pains :)

One funny thing is though. One of my co-workers says she believes she has TS because she swears a lot. But it's not tic-swearing, she is just very.... dirty. *g* I told her not all TS'rs do that and she was really amazed, still waiting for her to ask why I know so much ;) She doesn't see my tics, I tic when we work togeather but she doesn't see it, maybe because she doesn't know what tics are. That's pretty funny. Most ppl have just accepted me like "She's like that, she does that, ok."

Some of my obvious tics now, sholder-ear touch, roll eyes, open eyes wide, arm and head jerk, whistle, mouth twitching, humming, repeating my words (ppl think I'm stuttering or talk too quick), hand/finger tics.

I don't have meds for TS and no meds for ADHD. But I want to try Strattera and see if it works, I really need something to slow down my brain soemtimes... *sigh* My husband is going nuts :p