View Full Version : first nite on risperdal

01-20-11, 05:39 PM
We its my first nite on risperdal hope i can sleep

Spikey 723
01-20-11, 06:31 PM
There's a section on anti-psychotics here :-

Might be some info there to read.

01-20-11, 07:27 PM
You should get to sleep more quickly than usual, as Risperdal is a strong antihistamine. Did they prescribe it to you specifically for sleep?

01-20-11, 07:55 PM
Risperidal should help you sleep, I was on this & it helped me sleep at first(I think? F*k my memory is so crap.).
I hope it helps you.

01-21-11, 12:17 AM
We its my first nite on risperdal hope i can sleep
You should have no proble sleeping. I don't take risperdal for sleep thou I take it for anger. I do take it at bed time. I also, take kolonipin for sleep, and it works real good.

Just my two cents worth.

Spikey 723
01-21-11, 05:49 AM
Shortyboy, hope it worked for you.

It might help you with your adhd in other ways too.

01-24-11, 09:27 PM
Risperdal knocks me OUT. Hopefully it helped you with sleep too.