View Full Version : 3 long years of ups and downs

01-21-11, 01:13 AM
I went to my family physician over the course of the past couple of weeks. I had been explaining to him that I was having sever panic attacks in which I thought were heart attacks. He told me that I sure was having panic attacks and was concerned about the mixing of the Adderall 20mg XR and 15mg of Dexedrine that I was currently taking.

A day had went by and I came to the conclusion that I didn't want my psychiatrist helping me with my bipolar/ADD anymore. I felt confident that my family physician could help me just as well.

So, with that being said I told my psych doctor that I would not be seeing him anymore and he made no fuss about it.

So, now that I am seeing my family doc he decided to put me on desoxyn because he believes that it will causes less anxiety for me.

I have to admit that today is the first day that I have taken it and it surely has helped a great deal with the anxiety. I only had to take 1mg of my ativan compared to my usual dosage of 4mg. Desoxyn is a very beneficial medicine. I am so thankful and bless that finally I found something that works.

01-21-11, 01:24 AM
Sometimes a change in physicians can make all the difference in the world!