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Surly Dave
01-24-11, 07:50 PM
Some how, a huge pile of laundry accumulated in our basement. I don't understand how, but it did. And it's time to take 'er down. The first thing is to sort, and that doesn't mean clean from dirty or more dirty from less. So basically, it involves breaking down a huge pile into 5 large piles. This is not acceptable, because if you leave piles next to each other, they morph back into huge piles and seemingly breed thus creating more laundry and it's an endless cycle of misery. You might as well move and by new clothes.

No, the large piles, the piles of darks, lights, whites, colors, and towels, must be separated from each other and contained. For the sake of the children.

And we all know that individual laundry baskets won't cut it. They barely hold a load, quickly overflow, and usually end up getting dumped because you need them to haul the emergency load you did Sunday night because you needed clothes for school and work. Baskets won't due.

I think the fetching Surly's Wife came up a good solution:
Shorty WardrobeŽ Box (

With the fold down front, it's like having a nice storage bin. Put them together, sort away. Fun for the whole family! At least fun for the 8 year old who turned it into a game. The dust was killing me.

So we have a start. Next up, wash and sort for "charity", "keep", and "trash" using the O.H.I.O. method. Might even try to fold them and put them away.

01-24-11, 08:30 PM
It doesn't often get that bad for me - but my tween granddaughter OY!

What I did in those situations was sort the colors, then put each bunch into a separate pillowcase so they stayed sorted. If I didn't have a full load of that color when I came to that bag I'd sort through the stuff that had started piling up again to see if anything else could go in with it.

Some things can be mixed in a load if you use cold water and a good detergent. We use Soap Nuts (all natural, no scents).

01-24-11, 09:55 PM
I am still working on tackling the mountain of laundry in our is slow but getting better.

We always use black trashbags in our kitchen. So I use the white tall kitchen sized bags to sort laundry when I have a ton to deal with. If you don't stuff it to the brim each bag holds about a load.

01-24-11, 11:38 PM
Could you just get several laundry baskets to separate the clothing (into towels, whites, darks, or whatever system you use to wash separately), and when one gets full, it's time to do a load?

Surly Dave
01-25-11, 04:03 PM
Could you just get several laundry baskets to separate the clothing (into towels, whites, darks, or whatever system you use to wash separately), and when one gets full, it's time to do a load?

What? That's not nearly as creative as undoing a cluster...mess.:)

01-25-11, 06:33 PM
This is a very exciting development, Dave!

01-25-11, 08:52 PM
It helps to have less stuff. We've paired down to only a couple of towels and face cloths (etc) for each of us. Less clothing too. Makes it easier to stay on top of.

When it really piles up, like after we have visitors for a few days or something, then I just take it down to the local laundromat and they do it all for me, wash and fold, for about $40. $60 if it included quilts and/or comforters. Worth every penny.

01-25-11, 09:05 PM
It helps to have less stuff.

This is so true. You don't have to necessarily get rid of anything, but as socks, t-shirts, and other things become worn, just don't replace them, unless, of course, you really do need to do so.

Fewer items require less maintenance and less storage, which means you don't have to have such a huge flat/house, which saves money that you can save or spend elsewhere. It's a win-win situation.

02-02-11, 12:29 PM
I think my issue is the amount of clothes, but I have 2 kids who spill on them selves CONSTANTLY and a fiancee who thinks cuz its still in one piece that it cant be gotten rid of. I think I have gone through his clothes twice this year alone, gotten rid of 4 garbage bags, and he STILL hasnt noticed!! Barely made a dent.
I hate laundry. It doesnt help that I am only 4'7" and have to climb to get into the washing machine to put in the dryer. Pretty funny to watch. I started making my fiancee do laundry to see if he sees the issue. Nope... dumped NEAR the washer (we have bins, but do they get used??) sometimes important things get ran through, and get dumped in front of the dryer when clean... very effective.. :(