View Full Version : Focalin and Crying

01-25-11, 10:36 AM
My 6 yr old daughter just started Focalin XR 10mg the other day. She is on day 5 now and some of the side effects we might be seeing are sweating/flushing, and sudden full on tears crying about strange topics. We can be talking about some random topic and and she will get upset and start crying. The other day this happened when we were talking about how the earth moves around the sun and spins. Now prior to the drug she would not have this type of talk with us so the drug is having a good effect on parts of her brain but what about the crying?

Has anyone else seen this side effect and did it pass?


02-08-11, 01:46 PM
Two things - I had this same problem on Adderall, so while I haven't had this problem with Focalin, it seems plausible that it could be a common thread with stimulants in general.

The other thing that I wonder is... Is she afraid of space? Seems like a silly question, but I get freaked out when I really think about the universe and it's unknowns. Maybe the increase in focus made the whole concept click and it scares her? Totally off the wall, but I had to ask.