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01-28-11, 03:41 PM
Hi Mike here,
Iam an adult with ADHD and am currently on medicatiion and have been having trouble getting my room cleaned. I have tendancy to get sidetracked easily and Iam constantly on the computer. I really have been wanting to for quite some time get my room clean but when I do start I tend to get bored and then tend to get on my computer and time is wasted again. I also would like to find a way to utilize my computer to allow me to be better organized as well. If there are any ways of using any programs to help that would be appreciated greatly! I also have time management problems as well as I have never planned things & I have always kinda lived just spontaneously and I would like to be more able to manage my time better. I have learned through the years that I no longer put myself down or beat myself up as it doesn't help me any, but realizing I'm just a human being and will never be perfect and that I will fall along the way is normal. I can live more peacefully that way. I just have a huge mess in my room & it's overwhelming and I tend to feel like I don't know where to start? Thanks for help with this

01-28-11, 03:44 PM
Start at the top and in one corner and work your way out and down. Remove all garbage and recycling and bag all dirty laundry. That will get you started.

I don't know if there are programs for cleaning one room. Usually there are things for when you are cleaning a whole house full of a family.

06-06-14, 04:46 PM
Instead of "I have to clean my room"
(sounds like a punishment, doesn't it?),
say this:

"I am going to redesign my room"

Now that's a much more interesting way to put it.
I'd much rather redesign my space than clean it.

Granted, step 1 is still grabbing a bag and quickly
filling it with all the trash you see. But that's a
quick easy step and not the main focus.

Redesign one corner or area at a time.
One area a day. Or week, whatever works for you.

When you walk into your room after doing one small area,
that's where your attention goes first. A success.
Your success. Feels good. You made progress.
Bet you'll want to do another small area.

The key is not to see a huge messy out-of-control life when you
walk into that room, but to see something that you actually
accomplished successfully.

You can look at it as a problem or you can look at it
as an opportunity to come up with a creative solution.

BTW, take the trash bag out right away, even if it
isn't all the way full.
I got the idea from Bryan Hutchinson in his book
"One Boy's Struggle" - it's part of the preview of
the book on Amazon.

08-01-15, 11:59 PM
Pomodoro (like the tomatoe) timer! Its amazing how much you can get done with that thing! 2x20min sessions. and half the house was clean...Its like a race against the clock. there is one that is an extension for chrome that my husband and I tried can set it up so it tick-tocks while your working, and then it chimes when its time for a break. Ive known about the things for a while now, but its the first time I have implemented one. It worked great. Knowing me ill have to switch up the tools I use...but at least there's one for the start!