View Full Version : New surround system for my Pc!

01-31-11, 07:46 PM
Holy spit other day I was in best buy and saw the sound systems for the pcs:rolleyes:.I was like I need 1 of these, I looked at bose systems 5.1 the price was 400 equally shocking was the 300 watts of power:eek: I didnt wanna spend 400 beans so I kept looking.So I settle on a 150 dollar Logitech system w 200 watts.It still kicks *** it almost sounds as good as the big speakers for home entertainment systems,the subwoofer puts out some nice kicker bass.Just hooked it up and :cool::eek::D its rocking baby!Does any 1 have 1 of these mini systems for there pcs?If not you guys an gals gotta get 1!:):p