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02-01-11, 01:21 PM
I hope no one minds if I create a journal like thread here. I find them useful for reminding myself of things Iíve done, decisions Iíve made, and basically how Iím doing personally and spiritually.

I feel it would also allow friends and fellow posters to gauge my abilities and my strengths from time to time.

Also, I often find small inspirational pieces on meditation, spirituality, and general coping with life posted as I go give me insight and help me focus. If no one has any objections I would like to post them here.

I would also like to invite you all to post your own thoughts and ideas on life in general.

I might post pieces and quotes that I have posted before but this will be like a fresh start for me, being more comfortable with myself lately, I would like to share my thoughts and my discoveries.

I would like to start off with my favourite motto -

I am an expert in nothing but my own life.

Whatís yours?

02-03-11, 04:34 PM
I’m feeling a little elated - hyper. I recognise the signs and can expect a down-point soon. I had a psych appointment last Thursday. She had a student with her. She says "I hope you don’t mind if so and so sits in." What are you suppose to say? You can’t very well say, "Well, actually I’d rather she didn’t." How do you get through the rest of the session if you say that? I didn’t say much and the session ended twenty minutes later. I felt ****ed off and grumbled away to myself for the next couple of day before deciding to let it go. I don’t have another appointment until April but she did check with me that I had all the crisis numbers. Sometimes I think I’m coping with life better than they are.