View Full Version : Fatigue/Lethargy from Dexedrine, is Desoxyn better in this regard.

02-08-11, 03:26 PM
I've been taking dextroamphetamine (basically dexedrine liquid) for 10 days and it seems to be making me lethargic, which is bad because some of my biggest problems with ADD/PI are lack of motivation and productivity. I am calm but don't really want to do much of anything. Does Desoxyn have the potential to do the same thing? I have been reading the forum but haven't seen this topic. This is the sixth medication I've tried.

08-25-11, 12:28 PM
Anyone have any feedback on this? Sorta wondering this as well... hoping it doesn't cause me to get glued to my computer, books, or anything all day, but facilitates my attention on what I CHOOSE to apply it to.

08-28-11, 04:27 AM
Unfortunately, you can't just get a good idea of how the drug works via feedback. All of the ADD meds work differently on different people.

For me, I got nothing out of desoxyn, and I was up to 40 mg/day. No good, no bad. But if you're looking for a personal opinion, it didn't make me tired in the least.

The right med shouldn't make you tired, nor should it make you wired. heh. I rhymed.

08-29-11, 05:55 AM
Honeybadger can Busta

I took 20mg of Desoxyn over the course of a couple of months. I reserve the right to say that it did make me sleepy. Lethargic sleepy where sometimes I had to choose sleeping in my car at the college campus because I was too tired to move. Other times I had good focus/concentration. But it was a mild toast to say Hooray! that it benefits my well-being in the least.

I find Dexedrine superior to Desoxyn.......So I hope this clarifies the initial thread post? Desoxyn can make you tired. It is just an Instant Release version of Dexedrine except its duration of effect lasts longer

08-29-11, 01:06 PM
Dexedrine chilled me out adderall was much better for me. I am hesitant about desoxyn as I am under the impression its a last resort med.

08-29-11, 03:29 PM
Eh, don't be "hesitant." When you've got ADD, it's no different than any other med. Just don't start crushing and snorting 'em!

If you still haven't gotten the results you're aiming for from adderall, try different stuff if you can afford the time.