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02-08-11, 11:17 PM
First of all just wanted to put in that this is an original story by me and all rights are reserved to me and no one can copy this story or use the characters in it for their own use ithout my explicit permission.

now for the story!

this is actually part four of the introduction of oone of the numerous books im writing. just wanted some feedback here. thanks. :)


The king paced restlessly outside the heavy wooden door that was the only thing that physically separated him from his wife and children...though there were many more unseen barriers that did just the same. He felt his hand stray to the knob; he had to see them one more time.
The king slowly pushed the door open and peered into the room. By the moonlight that slanted through the window, he could see, in the four-poster bed, his wife. Huddled next to her was his young son, and in the wooden crib beside the bed, was his infant daughter, made an angel by the moon.
For a minute he was torn. He felt like going back and forgetting about everything and…No, I mustn’t, he told himself. I am a danger to my family. I can not let them suffer for my own, selfish desires.
The king looked longingly at his family, the only thing he held dear to him. Maybe I could write a note...or go in and embrace them one more time.
However, he knew either of the following would jeopardize the life of his loved ones forever. The king leaned against the doorway, gazing with hurt eyes at his wife and children. What will they think of me? My wife, oh my dear, darling wife and queen... will she think her husband an unworthy, uncaring beast who leaves her and his children with no explanation? And the children. The girl is still too young but the boy... he will remember. Will he grow up believing his father a traitor who abandons his people and family?
But at least he will grow up, said a little voice in his head, along with his sister and all the other children in the kingdom.
And as he looked upon his family for the last time, perhaps of his life, he was given new hope. I must leave...for them.
The king pulled reluctantly away from the room, feeling his heart sink like a stone into the pit of his stomach. He slowly closed the door, which felt much heavier than it should. Being careful to make no noise, the king slowly turned his back and crept down the hall. When at the end, he turned back, facing the door he had just closed, though in his heart, it was more than a door that he was was his whole life. A new one would be waiting for him outside the castle walls...a dangerous one. But, he realized with a pang, that becoming a part of this new life would be the only way to save his family and his people.
“Good bye,” he whispered. “Know that I always have and always will love you.”
He knew his family could not hear, but he said it anyway, if anything to convince himself that he was not abandoning his family and people. And it was this thought that gave him just enough strength and will to climb down the stairs, through the shadows of the courtyard, and to the cloaked and waiting riders just outside the walls. A horse was also waiting for him as he quietly approached.
“Art thou ready?” asked the leader, his voice fair, and touched with a light accent.
“Yes,” replied the king, mounting the waiting horse.
“We must leave quickly,” said the leader. And with that, the party galloped quickly and quietly away through the streets and out the gates of the city, so quietly, that if they had been seen, they would have seemed like spirits traveling on the wind.

During the swift, agonizingly long ride from the castle, the king did not dare look back, for if he did, he knew he would not be able to continue.