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02-10-11, 07:35 PM
This story I wrote for english, but I thought you guys would nderstand and appreciate it much better than my emglish teacher ever could (and i dnt plan to tell her what its about :)). so go ahead and enjoy!

The Land of Adéhada

A group of brash1, young dragons were drinking from a rainbow tainted stream that surrounded the land. Their moods were as capricious2 as the weather. The stream was limpid3 and beautiful, the meeting place of many a creature of this land. These dragons would often chastise4 the other beings that tried to pass through the mountains beyond. They would not let travelers or other creatures pass through without a fight. This dragons also tended to act sophomoric5 and stubbornly towards others views. They believed they were omnipotent6. There was much rancor7 between the dragons and the other creatures of the land.

A small herd of silver unicorns were grazing in a nearby meadow. These unicorns were assiduous8 folk. They enjoyed spontaneous9 stories and festivities of all sorts. They had even allocated10 numerous glens in the magical forest, just for merry-making. Their fun-loving and ardent11 attitudes made them very popular among the creatures of the land. The unicorns often enjoyed the company of the wise phoenixes that built their homes in the highest boughs of the gnarled12 old oak that was the heart of the land. This was a popular place for fairies to play and the griffins to exchange copious13 details about their many discoveries and philosophies. Their talk, however, was not quite palatable14 to the other creatures of the land, save the sphinx.

This tree arouse many poignant15 memories for the creatures of the land as it served as their place of general merry-making and happiness as well as sorrow and devastation. There is one creature, however, who is considered deviate16 by all the other creatures in the land. This creature is the emaciated17 pixie, Hux. Hux is the trouble-maker of the land and exults18 in the light of confusion and disarray. He gives no indemnity19 for the trouble he causes. He other creatures have not an inkling20 to his whereabouts at any given moment, lest he be talking straight to him. Hux is like a shadow in the dark, invisible to all but himself.

This land is a fateful paradise. Many battles have been fought between the creatures of the land and even some with invaders from far-off regions. This is a land where magic and imagination run wild under the sun, without reigns to keep them back. This is the land of Adéhada, the wonderful chaos of the universe. Yet no one can see it, for it is hidden to very many. Yet, it is also visible to those who possess the ability to see it, to experience it, to escape to it in their time of need or doubt. However, this alluring land is very difficult to escape, for, once you have entered, you face the challenge of passing the dragons in the attempt to leave. It takes a strong act of will and cunning to leave this wonderfully, dangerous world. Very few escape unharmed.

Yet this world is the only place some can feel safe that some can feel joy and security. The sun never sets on Adéhada. No person or law of science can harness it down fully. This free realm has a mind of its own. It is an ever-changing land and shall remain that way until the end of humanity. Oh, wonderful land of Adéhada; why must you seem more curse than blessing?