View Full Version : Affirmations for BPDers

08-13-04, 02:05 PM
I was once a lurking member of an online support group for BPD. I once saved this listing of affirmations that a member there posted and would like to share with you all.

Some things that have helped me on the road to recovery....

Recovery is a constant, on-going process, not a final state.

When I constantly talk about myself, I don't feel better, I feel self-centered.

I use the word "I" way too often.

I can ask questions about someone else instead of going on about me.

When I become enraged by what others say, I give away my power to them.

If I become enraged by what others say, I can still change my mind, shrug it off, and go back to being nice.

I will try to let my skin grow very thick.

Minimising complaints is really difficult, but when I do it I always feel better about myself.

I can't change my environment to make my illness easier, but I can change me and make my environment better in the process.

It's not a crime to fail at something.

I can forgive myself when I do fail.

Smiling and saying hello to people, even if I don't know them, makes me feel better.

I'm a good person capable of doing ordinary things inspite of my insistence to the contrary.

When I stop looking for something, I generally find it.